About Me

It happens to everyone. I got comfortable eating fast food, going out drinking with friends and hitting the drive thru late at night, eating when I was sad or anxious, and only exercising every now and then.  I thought it was no big deal, I was in my 20’s and I wanted to have fun!
But when my Dad got seriously ill, I realized that I needed to get serious about my health. My habits were leading me down the path of disease and obesity. I noticed many around me needed guidance too, confused by the latest fad diet and restricting their diets from certain food groups, losing weight just to put it back on and feeling like they were missing something. 

When I first found Beachbody

I had heard about Beachbody and the T25 program. After finding Melanie  through a simple google search and talking to her, I immediately knew I was on to something different.  She didn’t have me counting point or not eating carbs (I LOVE carbs, who doesn’t) and the workouts were something I could fit into my schedule.  I started drinking Shakeology, following a simple meal plan (80% clean, 20% room for error) and exercising almost daily.
 The challenge group held me accountable, gave me support and encouragement, and we celebrated our successes together. It was so comforting to find people that were going through the same thing I was. Soon after I became a coach and I now have the opportunity to see others succeed and learn how to eat clean and live a healthy lifestyle.


In the past year I have completed P90X3, the 21 Day Fix, Chalean Extreme, Brazil Butt Lift, and PiYo. I have had the opportunity to change so many lives as well as my own. I am down over 30 lbs. and almost at my goal weight and measurements. I teach PiYo live classes at two different gyms and have a dream to become a master trainer in 2016.  What’s most important though is that I have learned how to eat without feeling restricted. I give myself permission to still indulge in things like Coca-Cola, wine, and pizza (not at the same time though!!) because everyone needs a little treat now and then.
My number one goal is to help you feel the same confidence, happiness and satisfaction I have experienced with this program. With your commitment, I can help you learn how to eat healthy, make the most of your exercise routine and meet your weight loss goals. It’s not about being skinny, it’s about being healthy and reaching your personal goals.  
Are you ready to finally meet your fitness goals? To learn how to lose weight the healthy way? To be healthy and happy with your body? Contact me now!

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