Become a Beachbody Coach!

Do you love health and fitness? Do you have a passion for helping people achieve their goals? Do you want to be a part of the #2 team in all of Beachbody?! Well look no further, the opportunity is sitting right in front of you.

Many people ask me, what is a Beachbody coach? Is it a scam or a pyramid scheme? Ummm..NO. I started off as a Beachbody coach to get my 25% discount on Shakeology and all other Beachbody products (25% makes a big difference, trust me). As I progressed along in my first challenge group, I realized that Beachbody coaching is so much more than just a discount. It would give me the opportunity to help others reach their health and fitness goals AND give them the quality of life that everyone deserves!

Why is Beachbody coaching different than any other job?
Because YOU are in control of your decisions and actions. You can work as little or as much as you want, you have the opportunity to earn SIX figures with this company. You can have the freedom to work from home, make your own hours, and do something that is for the greater good of other people.

And how does one become a Beachbody coach?

  • Make a commitment to a healthier lifestyle. This is not a diet or a fad, this is a lifestyle change and we have to be the products of what we are supporting!
  • Be passionate about wanting to help others reach their goals and aspirations
  • Email me at to join the NUMBER 2 team in Beachbody!
  • Click here to become a coach today and help Balanced Health and Fitness end the trend of obesity!

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