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21 day fix Transformation
"The 21 Day Fix is great because it's very doable. I like the workouts most because you feel great after each session and regardless where you are starting from you can do them. Being part of a challenge group was definitely one of my largest motivators because it kept me accountable. I check in daily and also have a coach that continually provides suggestions and encouragement, as well as healthy recipes. The fix also provides you with a very reasonable meal plan along with portion sizes. I would recommend this program to anyone, whether you are a beginner or feeling more advanced, you can work the program at the level that fits best for you."- Amanda, 21 day fix challenger

After 1 round of the 21 day fix, here is what my girl Bridgette is saying. She is a BUSY, FULL time working, mama of 2 beautiful little girls! She found the time and committed to her goals, and alas saw results!
"While I did my best to stick to it this past week I did slack on the workouts and had a few slip ups on meals. There was some personal stuff going on so I had an extra baby and lots of added emotional stress this week (as you can imagine). However- I am still happy with my results and I can't imagine how much better they would have been if I did better this past week. 

Overall Inches Lost: 6.25 Inches
Weight Lost: 6 lbs

SOOO proud of this girl!! Life got in her way and she didn't let it stop her. What a beaut!

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