Sunday, June 28, 2015

What is fasted cardio?

Ever since I became an early morning workout lover, I always workout on an empty stomach. Maybe a handful of almonds, but I always wait until after I workout to eat. I never knew this was a thing, but apparently it's a thing called "fasted cardio", so I decided to do some research on benefits it can have on your body! I am definitely not a scientist or a certified trainer so all of this should be taken with a grain of salt, lol, but here's what I found.

Does it burn more fat? I was doing some research and there are quite a few studies that show that you can burn up to 20% more fat by doing cardio on an empty stomach. Now I don't only do cardio for my workouts, unless I am doing a round of Insanity, but I am getting my heart rate up so I am still burning calories and fat. Plus when I use weights, I am building muscle and muscle burns fat, right? This is totally dependent upon how many calories you burn during your workout though.

It's not necessarily better for you than eating prior to your workout, but it's really what works best for you and your body. Some people have to eat before they workout or they become sick. It still is proven that HIIT and weight training have the best effects overall because they continue to allow your body to burn calories throughout the rest of the day. The most important thing you can do is fuel your body with the best foods! That's why I always try to eat organic fruits and veggies, grass fed beef, and antibioic free poultry and fish..and of course my daily Shakeology.

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