Friday, May 1, 2015

7 day FREE clean eating and Shakeology support group

As many of you know clean eating has saved my life. I often hear people tell me that they don't have to eat clean foods because they have their calories calculated and can fit something in or it fits into their macros, etc. But clean eating is so much more than weight loss and maintenance!

So you're probably wondering now, what is clean eating? It is eating FRESH fruits and vegetables, lean meats, and other products that come from the earth. Eating as little processed foods as possible. The toxins (aka preservatives) that are allowed in our food it terrifying. Many are linked with diabetes, heart disease, mood/anxiety disorders, and not to mention CANCER.  Speaking as someone who watched their father lose his life to cancer, you can see why I am so passionate about this lifestyle.

Does that mean I ALWAYS am healthy and never eat processed foods? Hell to the no and I am sending out mad props to those that do, I do not have that much will power.  I have to be able to enjoy food because I love it. I personally practice the 80/20 rule (when I am on my game it's more like 90/10), I really stay focused and eat clean 80% of the time and I allow myself to indulge, but not go crazy 20% of the time. Pretty reasonable once you get the habit down, besides, once you start fueling your body with the right stuff, you will begin to crave THOSE foods instead of poptarts. Believe me, I am speaking from experience.

Here are just a few of the benefits of eating clean:


Eating fresh foods that fuel your body and are easily digested allow your body to work at it's maximum level. This allows you to burn more calories and fat not only when you workout, but throughout the day. PLUS you get to eat more and who doesn't love that? I do and I'm not ashamed to admit it!

So I want to bring to you a FREE 7 day group about the basics of clean eating. 

What does this include:
- 1:1 coaching from me!
- Basics of clean eating information
- 7 day clean eating meal plan
- Grocery list
-Tips and tools that work for busy people


This group will give you an opportunity to try my beloved Shakeology without breaking the bank! This product has changed so much for me, it has curbed my cravings and allowed me to indulge in a "sweet" without ruining my progress. With this group you have the option of purchasing Beachbody's exclusive "Shakeology sampler pack".

For 29.95, you can try each flavor one time and see the benefits of Shakeology as the natural energy boost, among other things, starts to kick in after about 4 days! 

I am accepting 10-15 people for this group and am really encouraging you to give Shakeology a try with this amazing offer! We start Monday, May 11th and it is totally free information. I am so passionate about this information I want to give it to as many people as I can,  both us and our children are the future and what good will we be if we're constantly sick and tired?

Fill out the application below to join us and get more information on how to snag your Shakeology sampler pack! Make sure to click clean eating group and make sure to do it asap, these spots are first come, first serve!

Fill out my online form.
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