Monday, April 6, 2015

Spring Into Clean Eating 2015

Okay, so not only do I love spring because the weather is beautiful and it means school is almost out, oh PLUS baseball season also means FRESH fruits and veggies are at our fingertips and at a fraction of the cost of your local supermarket. Farmer's Market season is in session!

I contribute 90% of my health and fitness progress to clean eating. Some people may not agree with me that organic produce is better and that's fine, I certainly don't believe eating organic makes you lose weight, but I definitely can attest that it makes you FEEL and LOOK better. It creates shiny hair, clear skin, and an abundance of energy.

But enough about that, you're probably hello..I don't even know what you're talking about with this "clean eating" nonsense. I'm glad you said that because that's where I come in! I am offering a 30 day Spring into Clean Eating accountability group starting Monday, April 13th!

1. 3 Day Refresh: using this product, we will clean our bodies (no worries, you won't be sitting on the toilet, it's not like that) so that they can perform at optimal levels and absorb tons of nutrients. I just finished it and check out my results. 5 pounds of garbage down and the bloat is dunzo!
2. 30 days of Shakeology: Shakeology is required because although we do get a lot of nutrients through our clean eating principles, we simply just can't get some of our nutrients through food. What better way to supplement than with a gluten free, soy free, no artificial flavors or sweeteners "milk shake". Seriously, I will teach you how to make this so it tastes like one from that mom and pop ice cream shop down the street. Plus it takes the guess work out of one meal

3. Participation in a closed Facebook accountability/support group: When starting new habits or a new routine, so many people fail because they lose motivation and don't have support. No longer an excuse! With this system you are able to check in daily to hold yourselves accountable, ask questions to others who are on the same journey as you, and get motivation, tips, and plans from me (your coach:))!

I want you to feel and look your best and I am ready to help you! All of the above mentioned requirements come at a discount price in a challenge pack this month too. All signs are pointing to yes for clean eating and I am only opening 10 spots! They will be on a first come, first serve basis!

Fill out the application below and I will contact you in 24-48 hours for more information! The sooner you commit, the sooner you can get your goods. Summer is two months away and you are being presented with the opportunity to not only look your best, but FEEL your best! What are you waiting for?!

Fill out my online form.
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