Sunday, April 5, 2015

21 Day Fix Approved Shakeology Chocolate Candy

So as I am beginning my gluten free journey (per my MD suggestions...he didn't really put it as a suggestion, but there's always a learning curve..right?!) I was thinking about all of the things I am going to have to give up:( #redvelvetglutenfreehastobeoutthere...So, I have the biggest sweet tooth ever! I think I finally found something to satiate my cravings!  I am doing my best to cut out sugar because it is so addictive and the more I eat the more I crave it! It's a vicious cycle, I am forever grateful for the 3 day refresh for clearing out my antibiotics out of my system which can cause sugar cravings and all the other junk. I've never felt better..and my shingles healed in twice the time #foodismedicine.

So, with Cancun around the corner, I am also following the 21 Day Fix Extreme workout plan and for 21 days there are no cheats or treats.  But the cool part is that I have found healthy foods I can make feel like a treat!  This is one of them!

Shakeology chocolate!  I will be honest,as I was mixing it I was kind of like, ehhhh but then as the consistency started to form it LOOKED JUST LIKE BROWNIE BATTER..and 100% scouts honor, it TASTED like it too! It only got better from there.

The recipe is simple 1 scoop (or packet) of Chocolate Shakeology and 1 spoon of coconut oil melted. Stir it together.  Then I spread it on a sheet of wax paper or aluminum foil, covering a plate and put into the freezer until it was solid (approx 20-30 minutes). 
I cut into chunks and literally enjoyed a chocolate bar with zero guilt.

1 spoon of coconut oil is a good fat and 1 shakeology serving is 1 red container (protein).

So I counted it as a red and as a spoon.  If you want to double or triple feel free!  you can also add in some peanut butter, PB2 or other nuts to give it some variety! Above I added some organic, unsweetened coconut flakes and it was AH mazing!! 

You can stay on track and still have chocolate!


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Click here for more information on Shakeology and how to score your own

The great thing about Shakeology is that it incorporates over 70 superfoods, minimally processed, and contained NO artificial ingredients or soy. All I'm going to say is shingles usually last a month..mine have healed and I only have minimal pain after 2 weeks. Nutrition is health care.

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