Monday, April 20, 2015

Beachbody Success Club Trip 2015: Cancun, Mexico!

When I signed up to run my own health and fitness coaching business, I had no idea what I was about to jump on board to. All I knew was that my health became a #1 priority, because it was not a priority while watching my father battle cancer. Once he was gone, I knew I needed to change things not only for myself, but for others. Education is key in creating healthy and fulfilling lives and I was ready (still am, LOL) to take that mission on and build a team of like minded people. The rewards surpass everything I ever thought imaginable though!

 Each year, Beachbody rewards hard working coaches that have helped hundreds of people find their dream job, become healthy, pay off debt, or whatever it is that they plan to do. Not only are we rewarded monthly, but a yearly trip is an incentive we work towards. The amazing thing about this trip was that my monthly goals ensured that I would make the trip. The goals I had set to educate and help others become healthy were what would eventually lead me to a week full of new friends, amazing experiences, and a fire lit inside of me to become a top 100 team in the organization. It made me so thankful for my coaches that have believed in me and work so hard for what we believe in.

 And then there's that moment that you and Tony Horton are  basically besties!  LOL. Totally unplanned on his part I am sure. Truly, as such a celebrity and life changer, he is the most down to earth, compassionate, and kind man. I can't say enough good things about the times I have had the opportunity to talk to him. The great thing about this trip is that everyone is accessible. You get to talk to corporate leaders, trainers, and top coaches. You connect with these people, who are just like us, on an entirely different level! Some would call this opportunity a chance in a lifetime, it truly is, but through hard work, goals and tenacity I plan to continually earn this experience and so much more. Our team is exploding every week and next year we're going as a TEAM. When you put your blinders on and know what you want, no one can stop you from success. It all begins with YOU!

So not only was this trip all inclusive, totally paid for by Beachbody, but the amazing activities they had planned for us were just the icing on the cake. An amazing welcome and farewell reception full of dancers, music, food, cocktails, and DANCING! Nothing separated us at these events, we all worked towards the common goal. The number 1 coach accomplished the same goals that the 40503 coach did. We all achieved success club every month. We all believed in ourselves, our team, and our mission. Success club is the number one most important goal to achieve when you are coaching. It truly reflects the amount of individuals you are helping each month!

 I have to give a huge shoutout to my girl, my home slice, and my personally sponsored coach Melanie. She is the #1 coach in all of Beachbody and I just can't imagine anyone else in the world who deserves it more. She is kind, believes in EVERYONE, and will do whatever it takes to help you, if you are willing to put the work in. She has made me a better person, coach, business woman, and I am nowhere near done learning from her. Matt is a lucky man! ;) I loved that this trip gave us the opportunity to get to know each other better and enjoy our time! You truly are my role model and give me an example to strive towards everyday.

I made friendships with fellow coaches I never knew before, I participated in atleast one workout with a celebrity trainer each morning, I ate amazing food (got my Shakeo in too!), and most importantly I was able to relax. If you know me very well, you know that I rarely take time for myself and truly pour my heart and soul into my team and our mission. This is exactly what I needed to restart and recharge. I have reflected on my goals and am ready to make things EXPLODE. 

So I have to ask..

This opportunity is achievable for ANYONE and EVERYONE. You just have to believe in yourself and be willing to get your elbows a little dirty! I am hosting a "What is this Coaching Thing" webinar on April 23rd at 8:30 PM CST and my new coach training starts on May 4th! I have 4 spots open and I want to help as many people as possible develop their skillset and give them the tools to be successful. 

When I started I wasn't in the best shape of my life, that is certain. But being a coach has made me the healthiest and happiest I have ever been! Fill out the application below and I will contact you within 24-48 hours with more information. 

I was right where you were one day and a year from now you could be where I am today. BELIEVE in yourself. You are capable of more than you think!

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Sunday, April 12, 2015

5 Day Sneak Peek into Busy Women Build an Empire Coaching Opportunity

In December of 2013, my world was turned upside down by the devastating loss of my father. I was overweight, unhappy, and unhealthy. I didn't know what to do or how to get myself out of a gaping hole I had found myself in. I stumbled upon this opportunity through a google search for t25. I started my journey with a coach training program with my coach Melanie, currently number 1 in the ENTIRE company and a P90X3 transformation and I haven't looked back since! When I started coaching, I wasn't in the best shape and I knew very little about health and fitness, but my journey is what has shaped me to become the coach I am today and I am finally happy, healthy, and financially fit.

It's amazing to think that I have been able to pay off credit card debt, make car payments, and am going to Cancun for FREE in 3 days all because I decided to invest in myself and say "yes".

 Now I am looking for 5 fun, hard working, self motivated, driven women who are looking for something MORE to join my team. You will work 1:1 with me and be trained using top coach resources. You will be set up for the ultimate success and dedicated mentorship.

 I want to help you create a potential 6 figure business from home in your free time and have the ULTIMATE form of accountability in your health and fitness transformation.

What is a Beachbody coach on my team?

I look for specific attributes when recruiting coaches to my team! We are a group of hard working, motivated, self leaders! Since being a coach I have been able to get in the best shape of my life (seriously) and begin to create a life by design. I have been able to pay off credit card and student loan debt. I have had the ability to help countless people lose weight they thought would be impossible. The leaders on my team are truly passionate about helping others, both physically and financially, and we want more people just like us! Being a coach has truly been the best form of accountability on my own weight loss journey, how can I expect people to do as I say if I am not doing it too?!


Being a Beachbody Coach ISN’T a Get Rich Quick Scheme. It is hard work and you get out the effort you put in. So if you aren’t willing to put in the time and effort you aren’t going to succeed. I believe in the motto “Be Here in A YEAR”, What does that mean?! That means give this business 100% for a year and you will be AMAZED! Are you ready to change your life and the lives of countless others? Are you ready for financial freedom? What are you waiting for? You'll never know unless you try!

I have done P90X3, Brazil Butt Lift, T25, Chalean Extreme, 21 Day Fix, Les Mills Pump, and now PiYo. I currently drink Shakeology every day and follow the clean eating lifestyle. I do not SELL anything except for a healthy lifestyle that is based upon the principles of eating whole natural foods and regular exercise!  Of course I do promote Beachbody Fitness programs and supplements because they work!  I have tried them and if you follow X,Y,Z then you will get the results that you are looking for!  I not only have transformed my own life physically but I now have a more positive outlook on life and I LOVE being surrounding by people who want more out of life!  

What to expect in the 30 day coach training?

We will use a closed Facebook group to participate in the training. I will post a small assignment or piece of information pertinent to growing your business. You will post in the group daily to check in to see how you are doing. I am going to be leading you every step of the way for the first 30 days, using training developed by the number 1 coach in the company, all you have to do is show up, participate, and give 100% effort everyday to ensure you're on the road to success. You are going to be given the tools to be successful, all you have to do is use them!

So what's the cost?..

  • A one time fee of $40 to become a beachbody coach.  This is not a yearly or reoccurring fee.  You can also get that $40 fee waived if you sign up with a challenge pack or you or your spouse is active military then that fee is waived! (I can explain those options in more depth as well).
  • A monthly website fee of $15. Beachbody gives you three canned websites where you can do some minor personalization. One site is a Beachbody coach site ,one is a  specialized Shakeology site (only available for sale through the Team Beachbody Coach network) and the third is your Ultimate Reset Site.  I have decided to create my own website and blog to share my experiences but it is not required.

To remain an active coach you need to have a Personal Volume (PV) of 50 points per month. Purchasing a month's supply of Shakeology (at a 25% discount) is 90PV for example and you're done. I agree with Team Beachbody's methodology that you need to use their product in order to be able to explain the benefits of the research they've done. Plus, their supplements actually taste a whole lot better than the other stuff I was using. Recovery drink... think orange creamsicle!
  • Benefits: 
    • You receive a 25% commission on anything somebody buys from Beachbody using one of your links. Somebody purchases a copy of P90X3, you get a check for $29.96.
    • You can, if you choose to, create a team of coaches as well.  You can create a business based off of a team of people who are passionate about the same things that you are.  I tend to attract women who are passionate about health and fitness,specifically clean eating stay at home momma's. But I also have some individuals who want to grow a business and create a full time income!  The saying you attract who you are is completely true!
    • You receive a 25% discount on all Beachbody products including merchandise. If you're using supplements today like I am, just the discount savings alone on let's say P90x Protein Bars and P90X recovery drink covers the $15 monthly website fee.
    • You get paid on a weekly basis, every Thursday morning!
    • No inventory to carry, Beachbody takes care of everything.
    • This is YOUR business, you work at your own pace..however fast or slow that is I will give you the guidance to get there!
    • Access to an entire team of experts on health and fitness.
    • Access to marketing materials and guidance on how to build your business.
    • I have found a new passion for health and fitness and have never felt better. I'm not trying to sell you that miracle pill, extreme diet, or a whole lot of vitamins you probably don't need, this is for real.  I know because I have tried everything and I can tell you right now, nothing works like exercise and proper nutrition. Nothing in this program is easy, you have to work for it!
    • I have increased confidence in all aspects of my life. I finished 90 days of one of the most physically challenging activities I've ever encountered.  I lost weight, got healthy, developed character, and built some muscle along the way and I have never felt better!
    • I can give non-expert nutritional advice based upon my experience. I don't have a degree in nutrition and am not a personal trainer, but I know what worked for me and am helping others figure out what works for them.
    • I can help YOU get in the best shape of your life!
Want to know more about the BHF team and exactly what you are going to get if you sign up with me as your coach? Fill out the application below to join my FREE, no commitment sneak peek into my team starting April 20th!

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Monday, April 6, 2015

Spring Into Clean Eating 2015

Okay, so not only do I love spring because the weather is beautiful and it means school is almost out, oh PLUS baseball season also means FRESH fruits and veggies are at our fingertips and at a fraction of the cost of your local supermarket. Farmer's Market season is in session!

I contribute 90% of my health and fitness progress to clean eating. Some people may not agree with me that organic produce is better and that's fine, I certainly don't believe eating organic makes you lose weight, but I definitely can attest that it makes you FEEL and LOOK better. It creates shiny hair, clear skin, and an abundance of energy.

But enough about that, you're probably hello..I don't even know what you're talking about with this "clean eating" nonsense. I'm glad you said that because that's where I come in! I am offering a 30 day Spring into Clean Eating accountability group starting Monday, April 13th!

1. 3 Day Refresh: using this product, we will clean our bodies (no worries, you won't be sitting on the toilet, it's not like that) so that they can perform at optimal levels and absorb tons of nutrients. I just finished it and check out my results. 5 pounds of garbage down and the bloat is dunzo!
2. 30 days of Shakeology: Shakeology is required because although we do get a lot of nutrients through our clean eating principles, we simply just can't get some of our nutrients through food. What better way to supplement than with a gluten free, soy free, no artificial flavors or sweeteners "milk shake". Seriously, I will teach you how to make this so it tastes like one from that mom and pop ice cream shop down the street. Plus it takes the guess work out of one meal

3. Participation in a closed Facebook accountability/support group: When starting new habits or a new routine, so many people fail because they lose motivation and don't have support. No longer an excuse! With this system you are able to check in daily to hold yourselves accountable, ask questions to others who are on the same journey as you, and get motivation, tips, and plans from me (your coach:))!

I want you to feel and look your best and I am ready to help you! All of the above mentioned requirements come at a discount price in a challenge pack this month too. All signs are pointing to yes for clean eating and I am only opening 10 spots! They will be on a first come, first serve basis!

Fill out the application below and I will contact you in 24-48 hours for more information! The sooner you commit, the sooner you can get your goods. Summer is two months away and you are being presented with the opportunity to not only look your best, but FEEL your best! What are you waiting for?!

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Sunday, April 5, 2015

21 Day Fix Approved Shakeology Chocolate Candy

So as I am beginning my gluten free journey (per my MD suggestions...he didn't really put it as a suggestion, but there's always a learning curve..right?!) I was thinking about all of the things I am going to have to give up:( #redvelvetglutenfreehastobeoutthere...So, I have the biggest sweet tooth ever! I think I finally found something to satiate my cravings!  I am doing my best to cut out sugar because it is so addictive and the more I eat the more I crave it! It's a vicious cycle, I am forever grateful for the 3 day refresh for clearing out my antibiotics out of my system which can cause sugar cravings and all the other junk. I've never felt better..and my shingles healed in twice the time #foodismedicine.

So, with Cancun around the corner, I am also following the 21 Day Fix Extreme workout plan and for 21 days there are no cheats or treats.  But the cool part is that I have found healthy foods I can make feel like a treat!  This is one of them!

Shakeology chocolate!  I will be honest,as I was mixing it I was kind of like, ehhhh but then as the consistency started to form it LOOKED JUST LIKE BROWNIE BATTER..and 100% scouts honor, it TASTED like it too! It only got better from there.

The recipe is simple 1 scoop (or packet) of Chocolate Shakeology and 1 spoon of coconut oil melted. Stir it together.  Then I spread it on a sheet of wax paper or aluminum foil, covering a plate and put into the freezer until it was solid (approx 20-30 minutes). 
I cut into chunks and literally enjoyed a chocolate bar with zero guilt.

1 spoon of coconut oil is a good fat and 1 shakeology serving is 1 red container (protein).

So I counted it as a red and as a spoon.  If you want to double or triple feel free!  you can also add in some peanut butter, PB2 or other nuts to give it some variety! Above I added some organic, unsweetened coconut flakes and it was AH mazing!! 

You can stay on track and still have chocolate!


If you're a veteran to Shakeology, contact me by emailing me: or clicking the link! 

Click here for more information on Shakeology and how to score your own

The great thing about Shakeology is that it incorporates over 70 superfoods, minimally processed, and contained NO artificial ingredients or soy. All I'm going to say is shingles usually last a month..mine have healed and I only have minimal pain after 2 weeks. Nutrition is health care.

If you're ready to make a change into a healthier lifestyle, fill out the application below and I will contact you about my next health and fitness support group! Take back your happiness and confidence!

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Thursday, April 2, 2015

21 day Bikini Boot Camp

Ahhh, can you believe how close swim suit season is?! I know I am kicking it into high gear these next few weeks to make sure this is the summer I am confident and happy, not only in my bikini but in my shorts, tank tops, and maxi dresses.

Last summer, I was working on my health and fitness, but still wasn't where I wanted to be. I remember sitting on my bed, looking at my summer clothes, and being in tears because nothing fit or looked the way I wanted it to. It looked better than it had previous months, but I needed to kick it up a notch. Luckily, Autumn Calabrese had created the 21 Day Fix earlier that year and that was just what I needed to get going.

What is required for Bikini Bootcamp?
-21 day fix or 21 day fix extreme program and meal plan
-Replace 1 meal a day with Shakeology
-Daily check in for accountability and support during your journey

Why are these requirements? Because they work. The 21 day fix programs are designed to jump start a healthier lifestyle while giving you results. It's not a bandaid, but a lifestyle change. It comes with 30 minute workouts, color coded portion control containers, meal plans, grocery lists, and a maintenance plan you can follow once you have met your goals!

Shakeology is the staple in my nutrition. So many people tell me they're already using a shake, but I require Shakeology because it is simply the best. It is minimally processed and contains NO soy, artificial sweeteners, or artificial flavorings. Most meal replacement shakes don't have this luxury because soy and artificial ingredients are cheap fillers that allow them to offer you the shake at a lower price. You truly pay for what you get in this sense.

Daily check ins are a must!! This is the icing on the proverbial cake because it is what we need to keep going. We need that support, accountability, and motivation to stay in the game and keep working towards our goals. If no one is watching, we tend to slip up or allow ourselves to slack off. These groups truly work. How do I know? It's what I used to get to my healthiest point in my life.

The proof of these programs is in the pudding:

21 day fix extreme:

21 Day Fix:

I have 10 spots open for ladies who are ready to INVEST in themselves. Yes, this program costs money, but this is an investment you can't put a price on, your health.

Fill out the application below to commit and reserve your spot in Bikini Bootcamp which starts May 4th. It's not too late to feel and look great for summer. I can't wait to hear from you!

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April Promotions!

Gahh! It's that time of the month again (get your head out of the gutter, lol), Beachbody has released some amazing deals on their fitness programs to help you start your summer off right! Check them out below!

1. PiYo Challenge pack (normally $160, sale price: $140): includes 60 day program, 1 month of Shakeology, and 30 days of access to Team Beachbody on Demand (includes PiYo and 10 other FULL programs streaming online, you can access from anywhere with WiFi or a cell connection!)

Why PiYo? This is truly my soulmate program. It is low impact, high intensity to create flexibility, strength, and keep your calories torching throughout the day! I teach the live format of this program and have completed the 60 day program, it is doable for ALL fitness levels!

Here are my results from the program, drinking Shakeology, and clean eating. My nutrition wasn't as on point as it could've been, but that's what we have challenge groups for:)

Another one of BHF's coaches had great success with her PiYo transformation as well, meet Bridgette! Mom, wife, respiratory therapist, and new coach! PiYo transformed her body and our 60 day accountability group helped keep her on track!

2. PiYo Kickstart Challenge pack (typically $205, on sale for $180), includes: includes 60 day program, 1 month of Shakeology, and 30 days of access to Team Beachbody on Demand (includes PiYo and 10 other FULL programs streaming online, you can access from anywhere with WiFi or a cell connection!)

Why 3 day refresh? Because it helps kick start your journey by cleaning out all the gunk! No you will not be on the toilet for hours, yes you get to eat, and yes it works. Check out my results, I try to do this monthly!

And who doesn't need a fresh start after all that easter candy? These results are from this past summer after I had been in Vegas for coach summit. Here is another round of results!

3. P90X3 Challenge pack: (normally: $205, on sale for $160) includes 60 day program, 1 month of Shakeology, and 30 days of access to Team Beachbody on Demand (includes X3 and 10 other FULL programs streaming online, you can access from anywhere with WiFi or a cell connection!)

OMG.  This is the program I started my journey with. I have such a strong connection to this program because it saved me and my life. It helped me get in shape, focus on nutrition, and learn that anything is possible. 30 minute workouts, Tony Horton, and Shakeology. Plus clean eating and an accountability group. Here are my results from the program. The first picture is when I was at my lowest point in my life, but my heaviest weight ever. I am so proud of these results and I believe that anything is possible when you put your mind to it.

My results here go to show, the number on the scale isn't always a strong indicator of the success we make! 

With all of these amazing programs available, what is stopping you from starting your life and taking control of your health! Let me help you, my next accountability groups are April 6th and April 20th, fill out the application below and I will contact you with more information. You are in no way made to use these specific programs, but they are amazing and the proof is in the pudding:) I look forward to hearing from you!

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