Friday, February 13, 2015

Valentine's Day Survival Tips and Tricks!

Love is in the air..right? And everyone is really excited about all the dinners and the chocolate..and then there's the calories..and the sugar..

LOL sorry if I just ruined that moment for all of you.

But I want to share some tips and some alternative ideas for tasty treats for this Valentine's Day so you don't lose sight of your goals and lose all of your progress in ONE day!

Valentine's Day Tips to Stay on Track:

1. Choose water over booze. We all know that those liquid calories can add up a lot quicker than we think, especially when we're enjoying ourselves. It's hard to say no to a glass of wine or some champagne when you're spending your night out with someone special, but remember to stay hydrated. Fun idea: After a glass of alcohol, have a glass of water. It'll help keep you hydrated, full, and probably decrease the chances of making an over served, hot mess out of yourself on your special day (just sayin...).

2. Always start with the greens. A lot of places have pre picked menus for Valentine's Day, making it difficult for us to order something "clean" and healthy. It's usually options they can make in bulk and quickly as they are probably seeing hundreds of customers during that night. Always start your meal off with a salad though! Those fresh greens will give you a great base and some great nutrients before you dig into the main course.

3. Do something active!! Alright, get your head out of the gutter:) Go for a walk after dinner or a hike during the day. Get some physical activity in so that you have a little more lee way to enjoy yourself for your special night out!

And if you're more of the "home-made goods" type of Valentine, here are some links to some amazing treats that you could try instead of your traditional meals!

1. Banana Mancakes: I hear breakfast in bed is a pretty romantic thing, I've never experienced it because I do not appreciate crumbs in my sleeping quarters, but instead of bringing your loved one a heart shape PAN cake..try a HEART SHAPE MAN CAKE! You could even throw in some red food coloring or strawberries to add some extra love!

2. Black Bean Brownies: Forget the chocolates..forget the cake..I am serious when I tell you that this recipe tastes like the real deal..but no flour, added sugar, or gluten. I swear by it, you can't even taste the beans.

3. Banana and Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies: AGAIN! Forget those store bought sweets. These cookies take little to NO time to make and are much easier on the waist line (and no one wants to feel bloated on Valentine's one)

Whatever you all choose to do, I hope you celebrate love! You don't need a special someone to have the love, you need to learn to love yourself before you can love anyone else. The number one way to confidence and self-happiness is through YOU and YOUR opinion of yourself. I learned this through the last year during my lifestyle transformation.

If you are ready for yours or are interested in joining my next health and fitness support group, fill out the application below and I will contact you in 24-48 hours!! Give yourself the gift of self-love and confidence for Valentine's Day, don't let anyone stand in the are capable of ANYTHING you set your mind to!

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