Friday, November 21, 2014

What is Beachbody Coaching all about?

You're invited to my 5 Day SNEAK PEEK into Beachbody Coaching group! In this group, you will get a STRAIGHT FORWARD view into exactly what coaching is all about. We start on November 23rd!

This group is at NO cost and is COMMITMENT free! I just want to present an opportunity to each and everyone of you to learn a little more about this amazing opportunity that has become a deep passion of mine!!

Who makes a great coach?

ANYONE and EVERYONE. There are ZERO requirements! You do NOT have to be in the best shape of your life or a fitness guru, you just need a heart of gold for helping others and passion for something BETTER out of life!!

As a coach I have received free gifts, top of the line training, an all inclusive trip to Mexico in April, and so much more. NOT to mention the friendships I have developed and the leadership skills I have refined as learning from the top coaches in the company! All of this can be obtained through working as little as ONE hour a day!

The great news will receive the exact same training and tools that the top coaches in our organization use and have access to, ensuring the possibility of success in your own business!

So give me 5 days of your time, it's one short video each day and that is all! You then have the opportunity to ask questions in the group! Or you can contact me directly!!

The first 5 people to join my team following this informational group will be selected to participate in my Cash For Christmas coach training opportunity starting December 1st! This month only, participants in my training are receiving a FREE coach starter kit!

And who doesn't love free stuff that adds VALUE to your training..I know I do!

Fill out the application below and make sure to not wait, spots will fill fast and I want you ALL to experience it first hand, the opportunity that has not only changed MY life but thousands of others! All from working from home!

Fill out my online form.
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