Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Resolution Free in 2015: Health and Fitness Holiday Boot Camp!

How many of you reading this are guilty of waiting until January to start losing weight or eating healthy because you're thinking, "I'll just make it my New Years Resolution". Well as a coach this year, I've decided to give back to all of my new and existing challengers!

How scary is that stat? Maybe your goal isn't even to lose, but it should be to MAINTAIN!! We don't want to lose control of our eating and lose self control just because it's the holiday season. If anything we should want to try harder! Holiday pictures, buying new clothes, holiday parties...I know I want to look my best for all of those.

So how am I giving back?..I thought you would never ask!

8 weeks with me as your free coach in this group..what do you need to join?
-Use Beachbody fitness program of your choice
-Replace one meal a day with Shakeology to curb your cravings
-Meal planning with WHOLE FOODS to maintain nutrition
-A spot in my 8 week (typically my services are 4 weeks!) group at the price for a 30 day group

What exactly will this group offer you during the holiday season?
-Access to 1:1 coaching
-Meal plans
-Meal prep lessons
-Travel tips
-Help on how to survive and ENJOY holiday meals and events
-DAILY motivation and encouragement
-A community of support and success
-Freedom to choose when and how you will be successful
-Chances to win PRIZES!!!

So I am giving back this holiday season, starting November 24th (it's the week of Thanksgiving I know, but you are going to learn how to have your pumpkin pie and eat it too!) by giving you 8 weeks of my service for the price of 30 days! We are going to stay on track, learn how to curb cravings and enjoy in moderation, and beat the statistic together! Invest in YOURSELF this holiday season!!

Fill out the application below and I will contact you with more information in less than 24 hours! The spots in this group are limited and on a first come first serve basis! I am looking forward to helping the first 10 people to commit to make this the healthiest and happiest holiday season so far!

Fill out my online form.
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  1. I am continually amazed by the amount of information available on this subject. What you presented was well researched and well worded in order to get your stand on this across to all your readers.