Saturday, November 1, 2014

Refresh your health and faith this holiday season

The holiday's have become not my favorite time of year. Before you write me off as a scrooge, I have my reasoning. I have lost two very important people in my life during the holiday season. My grandmother who raised me passed away two days after Thanksgiving a few years ago. I was unable to say good bye due to work and travel time.

The hardest loss I have suffered happened less than a year ago. Nine days before Christmas. I lost my father to cancer. I was there with him in his final days and was unable to say good bye, but this has been to say, the hardest year of my life.

About 6 months ago, I found God through my grieving. Now trust me, this was no over night process and I am still a work in progress, but I find comfort in knowing that there is a higher power and a reason for everything, among other things. I find comfort in knowing that through him, I will have the opportunity to see my dad again and he is watching over me every day. No one has to believe the same thing, but I have found great comfort in what I believe and know that I will have to really allow it to be a large part of these upcoming weeks.

So I decided to take a challenge and I want to invite 5 women to join me. What does this challenge involve? It involves faith, clean eating, and refreshing our souls and bodies.

Using the 3 day refresh,  clean eating, and Shakeology we will reset our bodies from Thanksgiving meals (I am just as guilty as you are, who can say no to all of that delicious food, right?!). We are going to maintain or lose a few this holiday season, unlike most American people who gain 5-10 lbs!!! CRAZY!

Using the Faith Dare, we will challenge ourselves to 30 days of a challenge of resetting our souls.

 Once you sign up, the 3 day refresh and Shakeology is available at discount, the Faith Dare is on me as your coach.

Exercise is optional but always encouraged especially if you find this highly therapeutic in your daily events.

We will use a closed, Facebook group to communicate about our daily challenges and struggles. We are there to uplift and support each other.

So who's with me? Fill out the application below and let's do this together. Make sure to mark 30 day Shakeology and clean eating challenge. Once your application is accepted, I will contact you with more information.

Let's make this holiday season the happiest and healthiest one yet. Registration ends at 12 PM CST on November 15th!

Fill out my online form.
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