Tuesday, November 4, 2014

30 Day PiYo and Clean Eating Challenge

Alright guys, I was not playing when I said I want to make this the healthiest holiday season yet. My most favorite thing in the entire world, PiYo, is being offered at a special price in more than one capacity for this month only..and I feel it is my duty as a certified instructor, lover, and lifer, I have to share this special opportunity with you AND use it to make this your healthiest holidays yet!!

That is one scary statistic and I can tell you that I have always been that person. I started my transformation last year around Christmas when my dad passed away from cancer. I was strapped for cash, but I knew I needed a change. I knew the one thing that I could be provided with was ACCOUNTABILITY through my challenge group. I think we can all agree that the one thing we need when we are struggling at something is support and accountability. This is not exactly where I want to be quite yet, but this transformation in the last 10 months has inspired me so much to reach out and show others what this investment can do for them. 

Using P90X3, Chalene Extreme, BBL, and PIYO..along with DAILY Shakeology, I lost 30 pounds and countless inches. I never thought I would share these before pictures (I call them goodbye pictures!!) with anyone, but I know I need to..YOU can do this, here is the proof!!

And then the 3 day refresh came along and did a little bit of this:

So..you're probably wondering..WHY PiYo?! PiYo is literally made for all levels of fitness! It's low impact, low stress on the body, and still gives you that sweat and soreness you get from the crazy jumping/high impact movements. It sculpted my body and core in ways I didn't think was possible!

The 3 day refresh is designed to kick us off by CLEANING out our bodies so that when we dive into our program, we are operating at 100%! Did you know that the cleaner your body is (rid of toxins) the better it can burn fat and stored calories? Crazyyy..

Oh and this little Shakeology thing..it's not a protein shake or a weight loss shake..it's just a little thing I like to call my daily staple. It is packed with whole foods and nutrients to also give our bodies that extra edge to perform at our best. And you get all your fruits and servings in one glass, whatever flavor you please..(that's available).

So maybe you're thinking, I am not a shake person..I could never workout at home..that's an investment. Yes those are all excuses and with that mentality you're going to join the not so happy average American that gains during this season! I do NOT want that for you! I want you to commit and join us!!

I will also be giving you tips and ideas on how to still enjoy your turkey day! Everything in moderation, right?! Fill out the application below and join me on November 10th! I am accepting 5-7 ladies to do this, I will contact you within 24 hours of receiving your application!

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