Wednesday, September 17, 2014

What is P90?

That crazy Tony Horton has done it again! Coming to a home near you this September, P90 is going to be available for purchase through me as your Team Beachbody coach (I'm not your coach, click here and make a FREE account so I can help you!) and here are just a few reasons I am stoked for the launch of this program.
1. This program is for EVERYONE! I know often when we decide to start making changes and working out, we want to jump right in with maybe P90X or Insanity type programs and frankly, our bodies just can't handle that kind of jump start. This program allows you to start at the basics and build from there. This program is the onset to fitness.
2. You can get your fitness on in as little as 25 minutes a day. Who doesn't love a time saver that produces results?!
3. It produces results! The results shown below are REAL people from the P90 test group. If this doesn't speak volumes to what this program can do, I don't know what will!

So what all can you expect from P90? Here is what I have uncovered so far!
1. The equipment you need is minimal.
  • A light set of weights (dumbbells, 5s, 10s will do)
  • Resistance bands (great alternative to dumbbells too, and serve as your back workout so you don’t have to do the pull-ups, but I love pull ups!)

  • 2. It is NOT the old school Power 90 program. A lot has changed and evolved in fitness and muscle science since Power 90 was released. This program is literally the latest in what fitness has to offer!

    3. With me as your coach, you get SUPPORT! I will be launching an excluse P90 test group starting October 13th. You will be provided with coaching, support, accountability, and 1:1 assistance the entire way through the program for maximum results.

    Here's what Tony has to say about his new program:

    “Here’s something you thought I’d never say . . .
    Hardcore workouts aren’t for everybody. I mean, what if you just want to lose 20 pounds? Or get back some of the muscle tone you had in college. Maybe you just want to get out of bed in the morning without a backache. For that all you need is something straightforward. Fundamental. Doable.

    That’s why I created the NEW P90 workout.

    Whether you used to be in shape and feel fitness has now passed you by, or you’ve never worked out a day in your life, my P90 workout is your easy-to-follow way to lose substantial weight, have the energy to run and play with your kids, and feel better in everything you do—without the agony of high-intensity exercise.

    P90 is the result of everything I’ve learned in 20 years.

    Here’s the key . . . In as little as 25 minutes a day, P90 will help you completely change your body—not by working you harder—but by keeping it simple. Simple cardio. Simple resistance training. A simple approach to portion control. I won’t say these new workouts are easy . . . but they’re a whole lot easier to get done now. And that’s how P90 will help you finally get the body you want.”
    —Tony Horton
    Creator of P90X®, P90X2®, and P90X3®
    now brings you the NEW P90® workout
    So last but not least, I am sure you are wondering..
    What is a test group?

    BHF Exclusive P90 test group starts October 13th!

    It is a closed Facebook group where no one but the members of the group can see what is being posted. I will walk you through how to set realistic goals for yourself, how to meal plan, prep, how to set yourself up for success, then each day you log into the group for a post of the day, motivation, recipes and tips. We will track progress through our online group and you will succeed! If you commit to the Challenge, our team of coaches will commit to supporting you every step of the way! We won’t let you give up! Are you ready to put all fears aside and go for it? What’s the worst that can happen? You could lose a few pounds, kick the soda habit and have a ton more energy! Not so bad, right!!!! 

    The requirements are that you purchase the P90 Challenge pack through me as your coach. I will be giving you all of the details to get the package once you complete the application below. I must be your coach and only my customers and coaches are allowed to participate in this group.

    Are you in?!?! I’m only accepting a limited number of people into this exclusive group. So please complete the application below to be apart of this amazing launch! Seriously, ALL LEVELS WELCOME!:) I will contact you in 24-48 hours once I have received your application!

    Fill out my online form.
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