Sunday, August 17, 2014

Body Beast: Female Week 1 Progress

So first week of Body Beast is in the BOOKS! I have some big plans for this program, my main one being to cut the rest of the fat I have been looking to lose and tone up. I know, most people kind of give up when winter comes around because you can hide behind the layers, but not this girl. Here is what week 1 looked like, I am doing the Body Beast Lean Beast schedule!

Monday: Chest/Tris
Tuesday: Legs
Wednesday: Back/Bis
Thursday: Beast Cardio and Abs
Friday: Shoulders
Saturday: Chest/Tris
Sunday: Rest Day

Now, everyone I know who has done this program was like "holy leg day", but let me tell you I think chest and triceps was the most difficult. If you're anything like me and have a weaker upper body I think you will find the same thing.

The newest addition to my family, Lulu has been here for a week and is adjusting well! I already love her so much! All of that you have been following me know that I have had a huge life change since last December. I have constantly felt like I was missing something (which I am) and it's not that she replaces it, but she makes me genuinely happy to come home and be home. Honestly, besides coaching, this little pup has been the best decision of my life! Both her and Beachbody have brought so much positive and exciting energy into my life, I don't know where or how I would have coped without them or the people I have met on the way! Feeling super grateful today!
 have been on a huge no excuses kick lately and let me tell you why. I feel like so often, people say "I don't have time", when in reality what they should be saying is, "it's not a priority". Because we make time, even the busiest of people, for things we prioritize. I have seen a lot of different articles and listened to a lot of different stories lately on people just not making time to be healthy and how it is not catching up to them in the long run. I know that people think eating healthy is expensive (it's not, I have the receipts to show it!) and that exercising just takes too much time (25 minutes a day, seriously, the benefits are worth waking up 25 minutes earlier). Think about your children and the example your setting. Think about how you could change someone's life just by making tiny adjustments in your everyday routine. 

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