Saturday, July 26, 2014

PiYo Week 5 Progress and a drastic diet change

Update: Buns is no joke and drench lives up to it's name. I honestly was skeptical that I wouldn't get a good sweat with this workout, but no worries, I am dripping after just about every workout. I have been having trouble with my bad knee so I haven't been able to push myself as hard as I would like, but I am hoping the MRI results on Monday show something positive (fixable, no surgery, and can continue to workout). Here is what this week's schedule looked like:

Monday: Sculpt
Tuesday: Sweat
Wednesday: Core
Thursday: Drench
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Buns
Sunday: Strength Intervals

Plus my class I taught on Thursday AM, but Thursday also brought other news. If you don't know me, I have been having a rough time since my dad passed in December and it has taken a serious toll on my body. I have had zero energy, only slightly boosted with my Shakeology (thank god), I feel bloated, indigestion, bags under my eyes, and those are just to name a few. I like to think of myself as relatively healthy these days, but that hasn't always been the case. My favorite thing used to be to day drink and then spend the entire next day feeling TERRIBLE and eating TERRIBLE, what a vicious cycle and I do not miss it. But I did know something was off and I needed to figure out what it was.

I went and saw an environmental allergist, Dr. Tipu Sultan, to get some answers. A lot of doctors that practice Western medicine would tell me it was just grieving and that I had to let it run it's course, but life is too short, right? Well this guy was the answer to all of my prayers.

First off, when he was asking me questions I literally felt like the sickest person in the world (he reassured me that I wasn't) and while I spent 4 hours there; he administered an intense physical, went through FOURTEEN pages of notes, and finally we had a game plan. He focuses on neuro-immune issues and had a pretty good idea of what was going on.

1. Candidiasis (yeast overgrowth syndrome)
2. Magnesium Deficiency
3. Adrenal Fatigue/ Hypothyroid

I know it sounds CRAZY but reading up on all of this and the information he gave me, everything makes total sense. So his nurse, who was super awesome, administered candida testing which was positive for overgrowth of yeast in my digestive system. While it is good to have yeast in your digestive tract, too much is not good and can cause your body's system to be completely thrown off and result in a lot of the symptoms I am having.

So I said, "I eat clean, I workout, I drink my Shakeology..what gives?". Well, I haven't always followed this protocol and this nasty business can stay in your system for a LONG time. The stress I have encountered in the last 7 months has just really brought out the nasty effects. Couldn't imagine how terrible I would feel if I was still leading such an unhealthy lifestyle. Again, I have to give thanks to God for introducing me to this amazing new lifestyle and Beachbody.

So what now?!

For the next six months I will be participating in immunotherapy. Desensitization is given in the form of an injection of Candida extract once a week by myself to build up immunity. I will also be using medication to kill off the bug (Nystatin and Diflucan), taking a Probiotic on a daily basis to keep healthy bacteria in my gut while the medication kills off the bad, and following the Anti-Candida diet.

What is the anti-Candida diet? It is a diet that starves the bug! It is really the most essential part of the entire process because the last thing I want to do is feed it and continue to keep it alive. This diet is yeast-free and minimal to no sugar. I know it sounds devastating, but if I am going to do the rest of it, I need to go all in to feel better.

And because Shakeology is such an amazing superfood, all natural product, I can continue to use it! Seriously guys, I don't rave about this enough, it is critical for HEALTH and WELLNESS!!

In one month, I will return to the doctor to address the magnesium deficiency/adrenal fatigue and potential hypothyroidism. One thing at a time, let's not make getting healthy stressful, right?

So I plan to document my journey for all of you out there that may feel some of these same symptoms and just not know what to do or where to turn. I am in no way a medical professional, but a gal on a journey to get back to 100%.

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