Wednesday, July 2, 2014

PiYo: Week 1 Progress

Week 1 of my PiYo (mixed with a little Les Mills Pump, I love the weights..what can I say?!) is a wrap and I am pumped to see the results in 60 days. My goal is to increase flexibility, balance, and strength. So here's what I am dealing with prior to the program starting:

Who needs more flexibility? **raises hand**

I am looking forward to toning up and slimming down. I can already see the muscles poppin!

While it's low impact, the sweating is still happening. I was not expecting to feel this tired after my workouts, at all!

Here is what my schedule looked like for the first week of PiYo:

Monday: Align
Tuesday: Define: Lower Body
Wednesday: Define: Upper Body
Thursday: Sweat
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Define: Lower Body
Sunday: Define: Upper Body
I am putting a little bit of a spin on my PiYo program, I am adding in Les Mills Pump a 2-3 days a week to still give my body some weight training with weights, not just my body strength. I am LOVING this program. I feel like my heart rate really gets going and am really pushing my muscles. I added Les Mills Pump and Burn on Monday and Les Mills Pump/Shred on Wednesday and Friday

I am really looking forward to all of the upcoming results that I plan to achieve with these programs! I am kick starting my nutrition following the 4th on July 7th with the 3 day refresh and 30 days of clean eating..and I want YOU to join me! Fill out the application below to join me on jump starting our nutrition habits and I will contact you in 24-48 hours!

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