Thursday, July 10, 2014

Beast Mode Men's Challenge Group

If you're here, you've been enticed by this image. So I did pretty well? I'll also keep it short, because I know most guys don't like wordy information. This group is designed specifically for men to help you reach your goals, whether it be to bulk up, lean out, lose weight, or just get healthy. What are the requirements?

1. Use an at home Beachbody program for fitness
2. Replace one meal a day with Shakeology
3. Use clean eating principles to get desired results
4. Participate daily in online (CLOSED) accountability group on Facebook--This one is many times have you started something and not finished? If you're like me..about a million, but not this time and not with me as your coach!

I do a male specific group every 4-6 months and it was time for one to start up again. I know I post a lot about being able to wear bikinis and tank tops, but men need some love too, right?! Fill out the application below to be considered for 1 of the 5 spots and I will contact you in 24-48 hours. Please do not hesitate as these spots will fill up fast, I do like to keep these groups smaller so they can be more successful. Why not YOU? Why not NOW?

Fill out my online form.
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