Saturday, July 26, 2014

PiYo Week 5 Progress and a drastic diet change

Update: Buns is no joke and drench lives up to it's name. I honestly was skeptical that I wouldn't get a good sweat with this workout, but no worries, I am dripping after just about every workout. I have been having trouble with my bad knee so I haven't been able to push myself as hard as I would like, but I am hoping the MRI results on Monday show something positive (fixable, no surgery, and can continue to workout). Here is what this week's schedule looked like:

Monday: Sculpt
Tuesday: Sweat
Wednesday: Core
Thursday: Drench
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Buns
Sunday: Strength Intervals

Plus my class I taught on Thursday AM, but Thursday also brought other news. If you don't know me, I have been having a rough time since my dad passed in December and it has taken a serious toll on my body. I have had zero energy, only slightly boosted with my Shakeology (thank god), I feel bloated, indigestion, bags under my eyes, and those are just to name a few. I like to think of myself as relatively healthy these days, but that hasn't always been the case. My favorite thing used to be to day drink and then spend the entire next day feeling TERRIBLE and eating TERRIBLE, what a vicious cycle and I do not miss it. But I did know something was off and I needed to figure out what it was.

I went and saw an environmental allergist, Dr. Tipu Sultan, to get some answers. A lot of doctors that practice Western medicine would tell me it was just grieving and that I had to let it run it's course, but life is too short, right? Well this guy was the answer to all of my prayers.

First off, when he was asking me questions I literally felt like the sickest person in the world (he reassured me that I wasn't) and while I spent 4 hours there; he administered an intense physical, went through FOURTEEN pages of notes, and finally we had a game plan. He focuses on neuro-immune issues and had a pretty good idea of what was going on.

1. Candidiasis (yeast overgrowth syndrome)
2. Magnesium Deficiency
3. Adrenal Fatigue/ Hypothyroid

I know it sounds CRAZY but reading up on all of this and the information he gave me, everything makes total sense. So his nurse, who was super awesome, administered candida testing which was positive for overgrowth of yeast in my digestive system. While it is good to have yeast in your digestive tract, too much is not good and can cause your body's system to be completely thrown off and result in a lot of the symptoms I am having.

So I said, "I eat clean, I workout, I drink my Shakeology..what gives?". Well, I haven't always followed this protocol and this nasty business can stay in your system for a LONG time. The stress I have encountered in the last 7 months has just really brought out the nasty effects. Couldn't imagine how terrible I would feel if I was still leading such an unhealthy lifestyle. Again, I have to give thanks to God for introducing me to this amazing new lifestyle and Beachbody.

So what now?!

For the next six months I will be participating in immunotherapy. Desensitization is given in the form of an injection of Candida extract once a week by myself to build up immunity. I will also be using medication to kill off the bug (Nystatin and Diflucan), taking a Probiotic on a daily basis to keep healthy bacteria in my gut while the medication kills off the bad, and following the Anti-Candida diet.

What is the anti-Candida diet? It is a diet that starves the bug! It is really the most essential part of the entire process because the last thing I want to do is feed it and continue to keep it alive. This diet is yeast-free and minimal to no sugar. I know it sounds devastating, but if I am going to do the rest of it, I need to go all in to feel better.

And because Shakeology is such an amazing superfood, all natural product, I can continue to use it! Seriously guys, I don't rave about this enough, it is critical for HEALTH and WELLNESS!!

In one month, I will return to the doctor to address the magnesium deficiency/adrenal fatigue and potential hypothyroidism. One thing at a time, let's not make getting healthy stressful, right?

So I plan to document my journey for all of you out there that may feel some of these same symptoms and just not know what to do or where to turn. I am in no way a medical professional, but a gal on a journey to get back to 100%.

If you're ready to learn more about how to kick start your health and wellness, please fill out the application below for a free 1:1 health and fitness consultation with me! I will contact you in 24-48 hours once your application is submitted!

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Is Flexibility Important?

Who skips the stretch before and/or after their workout? I used to ALWAYS skip the stretch after and let me tell you it was a BAD choice. I always had muscle stiffness and overall just feeling achy after working out, I always thought it was contributed to the stress I was putting on my joints during exercise, but from what I have learned, it's from not stretching out those muscles!

What is flexibility?
Flexibility is the range of motion in a joint or group of joints, or, the ability to move joints effectively. Flexibility is related to muscle strength...strong muscles=flexible muscles!!

So did you know that..

Flexibility Helps To:

1. Prevent everyday injury including: muscle and disc strains that occur when turning over in bed or getting out of bed; shoulder tweaks that result from doing tasks on the job that involve lifting or reaching; back aches due to transitioning to standing from sitting, bending down to pick something up, or even walking up and down the stairs

2. Improve your posture

3. Lengthen your muscles for a longer leaner look

4. Make playing with your kids and babies easier and less injurious (remember that touch football game during which you overstretched you hamstrings?)

5. Allow you to feel more free, open, calm, content, and confident from the inside out

6. Spread prana (life force) into your cells, which invigorates your spirit

7. Make cardio activity a lot lighter and easier

8. Enhance sports performance (i.e. better arm and shoulder extension and rotation for swimmers and basketball players, longer strides for runners, deeper knee bends and hip flexion for skiers) as well as to parry blows that come with strong athletic endeavors

9. Travel more comfortably because of the ability to sit in many different positions and do things with your body in confined spaces you otherwise could not do

10. Increase sex life!!

How do we become more flexible?

STRETCHING! I am sure you figured that out by now though. But some good exercises that can improve your flexibility include: Yoga, Pilates, PiYo, simple stretching. I have learned that you want to stretch until you're comfortably uncomfortable. You have to push past the uncomfortableness to increase your flexibility. This is just like running, you have to keep running when you're tired or want to quit so you can build endurance and go faster.

Here's the good news! I want to help you INCREASE your flexibility! Fill out the application below to receive a FREE 1:1 consultation with me! I will contact you in 24-48 hours! I look forward to hearing from each and everyone of you!

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

PiYo Week 4 Progress and Clean Eating Meal Plan

Half way done with the program, where did the time go? For reals though, I am loving it so much that it's not a huge surprise to me that it's going so quickly! I am noticing such a huge increase in flexibility and just being overall less achy on a daily basis (yes I am achy, don't judge). I feel better than I have in a really long time and I have this program to thank, for reals. I also could NOT do it without the support of my wonderful team and my accountability group. Seriously, I almost fall off the wagon about once a week, BUT with these ladies to keep me in line I can say NO to the bad food and pull myself out of bed each morning. Plus, who wouldn't want to do it for the. "Hell Yes! You got hot!". But that's just my personal opinion. Here is what my schedule for week 4 looked like (note: I laid off of LMP this past week):

Monday: Sweat
Tuesday: Core
Wednesday: Buns
Thursday: Drench
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Strength Intervals
Sunday: Sweat

And the lovely meal plan that accompanied the fesitivities! Have I mentioned how much I LOVE this program's meal plan?! It's amazing. Check out what I did!

What I love most about this program is I can definitely see definition forming and flexibility changing. I can't wait to share my 30 day results with you all in my next blog post!

In all honesty, I was never able to stick to programs for the entire duration or stick to meal planning/prep, etc. It is coming up on my one year anniversary of joining my first challenge group and I can't imagine where I would be without have starting one. The opportunity the small cost (although it seemed like millions at the time, I had to charge it) has given me, I could've never dreamed of.

I am starting a 60 day, Butts and Guts Sculpt and Shred group, starting August 11th. I want YOU to join me and learn what an amazing experience a challenge group is and how it can change your life! Fill out the application below and I will contact you in 24-48 hours!

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Butts and Guts 60 Day Shred and Sculpt group

Seriously, I feel like your ass and belly are the HARDEST things to fall in line when you start getting in shape. I feel like my arms are looking swoll and my legs are getting less jiggly, but those other two areas..look brutal. Who else feels where I am coming from? I think I have found a solution to our problem!

A 60 day, accountability and support group, focusing on shredding and sculpting our tummies and our booties! While overall workouts are good, this is going to be GREAT! So what are the requirements?

-A good attitude
-Use of any Beachbody home fitness program
-Daily participation in online closed facebook group to access support, motivation, and DAILY exercises to target trouble areas
-Replace one meal a day with Shakeology
-Begin eating cleaner and healthier

Why the Beachbody at home fitness program? Because well..they work. For any lifestyle. They can be as short as 25 minutes and still get you results, so time is not an excuse that is able to be used!

Why checking in daily? Because that is where you will find your support and motivation to stick with us for 60 days! And we give away fun prizes and have fun contests. PLUS, that is where I will be posting your daily extra exercise either targeting your booty or belly! We aren't calling this Sculpt and Shred for nothing

And finally..why Shakeology and clean eating? Because results are 80% nutrition. Shakeology is the healthiest meal replacement shake available and pairing that with clean eating 80-90% of the time, results are guaranteed!!

So why not you? I am looking for 10 people to join me on this escapade and I am waiting for you! Yes, you! Why? Because I know this program is going to work and if you're reading this I know you have an interest. 

Please fill out the application below and I will contact you in 24-48 hours and we can set up a time to chat on the phone about any questions you have and what your goals are! I am looking forward to hearing from each and everyone of you!

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Easy, Gluten Free, Black Bean Brownies

Say whaaat? I had a HANKERING for some real chocolate today and I wanted either cake or brownies. I try to stay gluten free (because it legitimately makes me feel better) so I did some research and decided to make Black Bean Brownies. I know it sounded weird to me too at first..beans? In my dessert? But I'll try anything (almost anything) once, so I gave this a try and IT WAS SOOOO GOOOD!! I am so excited to share the recipe with you, this is definitely going to be a staple and one day when I grow up and am domesticated and go to parties, I will bring these bean brownies with me. But for now I will just share the recipe with you:)

Black Bean Brownies
Serves: 8
Serving Size: 1 Brownie


  • 1 (15-oz) can black beans, rinsed and drained
  • ¼ cup chocolate chips 
  • 3 Tbsp. canola oil
  • 3 eggs
  • ⅔ cup packed brown sugar
  • ½ cup unsweetened cocoa
  • 1 tsp. vanilla extract
  • ½ tsp. baking powder
  • ⅛ tsp. salt

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Grease a 9x9 baking pan with Coconut Oil (or Olive Oil) cooking spray.
2. In a food processor, combine the beans, chocolate chips and oil. Blend until combined. Add the eggs, brown sugar, cocoa, vanilla, baking powder and salt; cover and process until smooth.
3. Transfer mixture to greased baking pan.
4. Bake for 20-25 minutes or until a toothpick inserted near the center comes out clean. Let brownies cool. Cut into bars and enjoy!!

This recipe has been officially marked "Lick the Spoon Good".

Monday, July 14, 2014

Free Nutrition Label Reading Group

Do you ever feel really lost when you pick up a box of crackers or look on a carton of orange juice and think..

What the hell does that word mean?
How much percent of what am I eating?
What's that letter and why is it important?
How is this impacting my weight loss and health?

I only ask because I've been there and there is nothing more overwhelming than when you are trying to start to eat clean and you are reading packages, trying to remember to eat minimal ingredients, and understand how many grams of what you are having for can get overwhelming!

I have put together a little 5 day, nutrition label reading informational group starting July 21st and I want you guys to join me! The first thing we have to do to combat obesity and disease, is to educate ourselves. We need to make ourselves aware of what we are putting in our body because sometimes, we just can have it fresh!

In this group we will:
-Learn about the information provided on the labels and why it's important
-Different names for sugar and salt
-What are considered "bad levels" of certain carbs, sodium, and fat
-Good fats vs. bad fats
-How to lower bad cholesterol and how to raise good cholesterol

So I invite you to join me in this FREE group! Please fill out the application below and I will contact you in 24-48 hours to place you in the group!

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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Balanced Health and Fitness August 11th Coach Apprenticeship

Which one of those words speaks out to you the most? These are my favorite personality/character traits in myself and those I surround myself with, that is why I have them bolded. When I started on this mission to help end the trend of obesity a little more than 6 months ago, I had no idea the opportunities that were going to lie ahead of me. I went to my first Super Saturday event in January and I was bound and determined from that point forward. I am going to be successful, I am going to help other women become financially independent, and SELF CONFIDENT! Why? Because each and every one of us deserves it!

As an online health and fitness coach, I not only get to help people reach their health and fitness goals, but it allows me to present them with the opportunity to coach. To impact lives, others and their own. So now I have to ask you..

Do you want to:
-Stay at home with your kids?
-Kiss good-bye the 9-5?
-Have financial independence?
-Pay off debt?
-Help others?
-Make a difference in someone's life?!

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I want to present you with a truly amazing opportunity. I am going to being a Coaching Mentorship program on August 11th. I will be welcoming 10 women, with open arms, into this mentorship. You can expect:

-Small daily assignments
-Weekly calls
-Recognition for a job well done
-A system that is full proof and guaranteed to work

But it is only guaranteed to work, if you do! No, you don't have to be a fitness or nutrition expert. No, you do not have to have social media experience. And you most definitely do not have to be in perfect shape. I am none of these. You must have a heart of gold and a passion to change and help others!

If you are ready to join me on this journey, please fill out the application below! I will review applications and contact you in 24-48 hours. I truly do believe in each and everyone of you, I think we are all brought into each others lives for a reason and I believe I was brought into yours to help change it for the better. I am looking forward to hearing from each and everyone of of you!

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PiYo: Week 3 Progress and PiYo Clean Eating Meal Plan

PiYo Week 3 and Life's Blessings

 This week has been huge for me in may ways. I have completed week 3 of PiYo, completed the 3 day refresh, and found Jesus. Nope, you read that right. I found him. I know you're here to read about my PiYo progress so I will start there first. Here is what week 3 PiYo schedule looks like:

Monday: Define Upper Body
Tuesday: Buns
Wednesday: Core
Thursday: Define Lower Body
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Sweat
Sunday: Strength Intervals

This week has definitely been upped in the area of intensity and caloric burn. I am feeling stronger and definitely starting to notice my flexibility increase. My balance is improving, but still has a lot of room for improvement. I also added LMP: Pump Revolution on Monday and Pump and Shred on Wednesday and Friday.
Shaun T joined us on Saturday with a little Beta Core Cardio. I am definitely sore though!

I found it totally appropriate to represent my girl and fellow coach, Katy, as she continues to punch cancer in the face. She is most definitely one of my role models, her strength and her drive are admirable to say the least. She is the definition of a strong woman and a true fighter.
I have noticed that my hips have started opening up a lot more too. I am able to reach my leg higher on my standing split and go deeper into my lower lunge. Finally stretching those hip flexors out (which we never stretch, EVER! but we need to..especially you runners!) SO, this week I started off with the 3 day refresh, click here to read about my experience and see my results and then have been following the PiYo meal plan pretty well. Here is what we looked like for meals! Again, listed above is the schedule straight from the program, but I move my rest day to Sunday because it best fits my schedule.

So now you might have stuck around to hear about my literal "come to Jesus" moment. For many years, I haven't believed in anything. Nothing. I didn't know anything, didn't seem real, and it didn't seem worth it. My dad became very ill with cancer and I began to felt as if I had no where to turn. Most people would think that would be my come to Jesus moment, but it wasn't. And then on December 16, 2013, my dad passed away. Still, no come to Jesus moment. July 11, finally happened. For so long I felt that there was a void I was missing other than my dad, something I knew I needed. I needed to know that he was okay and that I would see him again. Then yesterday, I was all HANGRY (you know what I mean), lost trying to find something, flustered with traffic, and literally about ready to lose it when I pulled into a parking lot. I sat quietly and spoke to God. I didn't ask for nice things or to have him grant me three wishes, I asked him for the strength and peace to get me OUT of the world's most awful parking lot and home safely. And you will never believe what happened. I was (patiently as I could) waiting my turn in line to turn left, and someone let me out. This never happens. It really instilled the faith in me that there is a higher power, we are put into each other's lives for a reason, and the man upstairs has a bigger plan. I know everyone has their own beliefs so I won't go on too much, but I found that moment too amazing not to share. Be grateful of your every day blessings and show gratitude where it's deserved, am I right?!

Continue to follow me on my fitness journey, next week I will wrap up the first half of PiYo (crazzzyyyyy)! I am also hosting a 30 day refresh and revive in July challenge group. I know plenty of people do their own fitness but I want to help you get your health and nutrition back on track this time. Please fill out the application below and I will get back to you in 24-48 hours. There are 7 spots available so don't wait! Have an awesome week everyone!

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Friday, July 11, 2014

3 Day Refresh Reviews and Results

Went to Vegas...celebrated the fourth of July...and then came Monday. I have never been so excited to have already purchased a product in advance! Insert, the 3 day refresh!! I started on a Monday so that I could kick the week off right. First things first..what is the 3 day refresh??

The 3-Day Refresh is 3-day program that consists of nutritious and delicious Shakeology®, high-protein shakes, and digestive drinks that are paired with a menu that consists of an array of fresh fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats. The whole objective of this brand-new program is to help you kick-start healthier eating habits while you fuel your body and lose weight?

Is this a quick fix? Absolutely not. So what were my thoughts about the refresh? Here's my day by day thoughts:

I stuck to the same eating schedule each day for convenience and I am a creature of habit. Here is what it looked like:

Morning: This one was smooth sailing. I started my day off with my Shakeology mixed with water and 1/2 banana. This was pretty easy for me because this is a typical Shakeology (I do usually add some almond milk) recipe for me.
Mid-Morning: FibersSweep mixture in some COLD water. Totally doable, not as bad as you think it would be. Make sure the water was COLD and it goes down fast, lol. 
Lunch: Vanilla Fresh Protein Shake (delish!!!), 1/3 cup blueberries/6 strawberries, 5 baby carrots, and 1 tsp hummus.
Mid-Afternoon: 5 baby carrots and 1 tsp hummus
Dinner: I made three different meals. Day 1: Coconut steamed veggies, Day 2: Lemony Green Beans, and 3: Veggie Stir Fry. Each dinner was paired with another delish Vanilla fresh protein shake!

You have to wait at least 1 hour in between meals, but you can go longer if you want.

Green tea was optional but I did not use it.

So here is my review: 
Day 1: Piece of cake. Keep your water bottle closed by and make sure the water is cold, I personally find it more satisfying.
Day 2: Definitely more challenging. I found myself craving odd things I most definitely do not eat on a regular basis (butter cream frosting? yes I love it, but it is not a part of the daily regime).
Day 3: I just kept my blinders on and went straight for the goal. 

Not ONE cheat. This might not sound like a lot, but this is HUGE for me! I have NEVER made it through an entire 3 day quick fix or 3 day Shakeology cleanse without quitting or cheating. I finally did it and that is how I know this program is FULL proof. Is it a bandaid or a quick fix? Hell no! But here are my results and I am feeling 110% better!

So suck on that. bloating and water weight! I am very pleased with this product and this refresh will become a regular occurrence. It's too easy and produces too great of results to not make it regular!

Please join me for a 3 day refresh and clean eating group starting July 21st!! Fill out the application below to apply, there will be 7 spots available. They are on a first come, first serve basis. I will contact you within 24 hours of receiving your application! I look forward to hearing from you and can't wait for you to see this amazing product in action, for yourself!

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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Beast Mode Men's Challenge Group

If you're here, you've been enticed by this image. So I did pretty well? I'll also keep it short, because I know most guys don't like wordy information. This group is designed specifically for men to help you reach your goals, whether it be to bulk up, lean out, lose weight, or just get healthy. What are the requirements?

1. Use an at home Beachbody program for fitness
2. Replace one meal a day with Shakeology
3. Use clean eating principles to get desired results
4. Participate daily in online (CLOSED) accountability group on Facebook--This one is many times have you started something and not finished? If you're like me..about a million, but not this time and not with me as your coach!

I do a male specific group every 4-6 months and it was time for one to start up again. I know I post a lot about being able to wear bikinis and tank tops, but men need some love too, right?! Fill out the application below to be considered for 1 of the 5 spots and I will contact you in 24-48 hours. Please do not hesitate as these spots will fill up fast, I do like to keep these groups smaller so they can be more successful. Why not YOU? Why not NOW?

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Sunday, July 6, 2014

PiYo Week 2 Progress

Second week of PiYo is in the books and I am LOVING every minute of it! This week has become a little more intense than last week, so there was definitely more sweating (positive) and I am still adding in some Les Mills Pump into the action! Here is what the schedule looked like:

Monday: Sweat
Tuesday: Define-Lower Body
Wednesday: Core
Thursday: Define- Upper Body
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Sweat
Sunday: Core

I have been bumping around the workouts a little because Sunday's work a lot better for me as my off day, I really think it's okay to move things like that around if it works better for your schedule. If it's going to make life complicated, you'll never follow the entire program and it allows you to make more excuses and excuses don't make results, right?:)

Then the 4th of July holiday weekend came upon us! I tried moderation and was somewhat successful, but definitely did not follow my normal 80/20 rule. So that resulted in the following:

That's right, a craptastic workout. But guess what, it happens! We all are human and not every workout can be our best. A crappy workout is better than no workout at all so I am still proud of myself for getting off my ass and making some moves and getting my body moving. It's that accountability as a coach that helps me get up and do something, normally, I would have made an excuse and put it off until tomorrow. Why put off tomorrow when you can do it today?

Starting tomorrow I am participating in the 3 day refresh and then following the PiYo meal plan to a T. I am ready for these results, eeeeek! Stay tuned for my 3 day refresh results!

Do you feel like you need a reset? Join me in my 21 day bikini blaster challenge, we will clean up our nutrition, use moderate exercise, and portion control to get back in the groove and get that bangin body back before summer is over! Fill out the application below and I will contact you in 24-48 hours! 5 spots are left, it starts July 14!

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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Fourth of July Clean Eating Recipes and Staying on Track with Weight Loss Goals

So with the holiday weekend upon us, we want to remember to stay on track and enjoy but in moderation! A few of these recipes are a great addition to any party or BBQ, they are cleaned up so you know you can count on something to be approved for your waist line! Portion control is key:)

Watermelon Salad

Servings: 2-3 

1/2 a medium sized watermelon, cubed (seeds removed)
1 scallion spring, sliced
2 springs of mint, roughly chopped
1 teaspoons apple cider vinegar
Juice of 1 lime
1 teaspoon honey
1/4 cup feta cheese

In a bowl combine watermelon, scallion, and mint, stirring to combine.  In a separate small bowl, whisk together lime juice, apple cider vinegar, and honey.  Pour over top of watermelon.  Add in the feta and stir well to combine all ingredients.  Serve immediately or refrigerate until ready to eat.

Zesty Grilled Chicken

6-8 Boneless, skinless chicken breasts
3 Tbsp minced garlic
1.5 tsp Weber Grill Seasoning - Chicago Steak (I know what you're thinking...steak seasoning on chicken?  Trust me, it's delicious!)

1. Combine chicken breasts, ACV, garlic, Chicago Steak seasoning in a large Ziploc bag and shake until ingredients are evenly mixed and seasonings are coating all chicken breasts. Marinating in a pan works just as well.  Shake bag or turn chicken after a couple of hours for best results.  Let marinate for at least 6 hours.
2. On an indoor grill, cook on high heat for about 10 minutes in the closed position or about 5-7 minutes per side.  On a large outdoor grill, cook on medium-high for about 7 minutes per side or until chicken is 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

Sweeter Sweet Potato Fries

3 Sweet Potatoes
2 Tbsp Coconut Oil (melted)
Cinnamon, to taste

1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees
2. Slice sweet potatoes into "fries" (we use a vegetable chopper)
3. Place sliced sweet potatoes on a cookie sheet (in one layer)
4. Melt coconut oil in microwave
5. Drizzle sweet potatoes with coconut oil and cinnamon
6. Bake for 15-20 minutes
7. Flip sweet potatoes and bake for another 15-20 minutes

And of course here is a little, 20 minute, no equipment workout to keep you sweating all weekend! No excuses!

Perform each exercise for 1 minute and repeat the set 2x. Take breaks and modify as needed!

While we would love to be able to control what we are served, that is not always the case when we are guests! Like I always say, indulge, but in moderation! Here are some tips on to stay on track at parties and bbqs this weekend!

1. Eat before you go. This will help you feel full and decrease your appetite so you won't be starving around junk food!

2. Drink a LOT of water! Staying hydrated will allow you to feel fuller for longer and will keep you from constantly drinking liquid calories. I suggest having one alcoholic beverage followed by a glass of water, this will help with the hang over too!

3. Don't stand by the table. I know if I am in front of food, I will eat it. So just avoid it:)

4. Take your own snacks. Throw a bag of almonds and a piece of fruit in your purse and you will have something healthy to snack on!

5. Get your workouts in!

6. Focus on lower calorie, alcoholic beverages. Avoid artificial sweeteners, fruit juices, and soda.

I hope that these tips, workouts, and recipes help you all survive this amazing holiday! Remember the real reason we are celebrating on the 4th and enjoy your friends and family!

Sometimes, no matter what, we are all human and have trouble staying in moderation. I am starting the 3 day refresh on Monday and I am looking for 5 people to join me! Please fill out the application below if you are ready to join me for 3 days of EATING and DETOXING, without starving. A 30 day Shakeology and clean eating informational group will follow!!

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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

PiYo: Week 1 Progress

Week 1 of my PiYo (mixed with a little Les Mills Pump, I love the weights..what can I say?!) is a wrap and I am pumped to see the results in 60 days. My goal is to increase flexibility, balance, and strength. So here's what I am dealing with prior to the program starting:

Who needs more flexibility? **raises hand**

I am looking forward to toning up and slimming down. I can already see the muscles poppin!

While it's low impact, the sweating is still happening. I was not expecting to feel this tired after my workouts, at all!

Here is what my schedule looked like for the first week of PiYo:

Monday: Align
Tuesday: Define: Lower Body
Wednesday: Define: Upper Body
Thursday: Sweat
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Define: Lower Body
Sunday: Define: Upper Body
I am putting a little bit of a spin on my PiYo program, I am adding in Les Mills Pump a 2-3 days a week to still give my body some weight training with weights, not just my body strength. I am LOVING this program. I feel like my heart rate really gets going and am really pushing my muscles. I added Les Mills Pump and Burn on Monday and Les Mills Pump/Shred on Wednesday and Friday

I am really looking forward to all of the upcoming results that I plan to achieve with these programs! I am kick starting my nutrition following the 4th on July 7th with the 3 day refresh and 30 days of clean eating..and I want YOU to join me! Fill out the application below to join me on jump starting our nutrition habits and I will contact you in 24-48 hours!

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Strawberry Cheesecake Shakeology

I LOVE strawberry LOVE it and this recipe honestly satisfies my craving, INSTANTLY! You could try this with any flavor Shakeology really, if you enjoy that flavor of cheesecake. Let me know what you think!

- 1 scoop of Strawberry Shakeology
- 2 tbsp fat free/sugar free Cheesecake Jell-O
- 1 cup of unsweetened almond milk
- 1 1/2 cups of Water

Blend and Enjoy!! Make sure to blend well! This won't make quite as much as a typical Shakeology drink because it will be thicker, but so good!