Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Truth about Water Weight

Am I the only person who gets frustrated with the fluctuation of the scale? I hope not. But there is NO way we can be losing and gaining a pound of fat with that much flexibility, can we?! I am here to crack that myth. I have been doing some research on water weight. What it means, how it effects us, and how we can control it.

Water weight is how much water our bodies are retaining. This type of water retention is being referred to in terms of "bloating". Extra water is stored all over our bodies and tends to sit in large extremities like our fingers, feet, hands, etc. Our kidneys decide how much water to hold on to. Sooo, if you have had too much salt the night before or too much booze, your kidneys plan to hold on to more of the water to dilute the imbalance..then it all flushes out of your system. Isn't it odd to think that our bodies hold on to water when we are dehydrated and feel like our bodies have NOTHING left?! 

A normal fluctuation of body weight is around 5 lbs...FIVE POUNDS!! See you really can't depend on that scale!

This is fat, not water. The Truth about Water Weight.

How to avoid water weight:

1. Keep moving: Reduces inflammation and causes your body to retain less water!
2. Stay hydrated: Be drinking at least half of your body weight in ounces, DAILY!
3. Steer clear of alcohol and salty foods. They dry you out, causing you to bloat!

There is a lot more science to this whole situation, but I wanted to break it down into every day terms for you. 

The basic take away is this: drink water and exercise. 

If you see the scale move up or down a pound or two, think about what you ate/drank or didn't drink the night before.I have a feeling it will add up:) 

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