Thursday, June 5, 2014

How to become a Diamond Beachbody coach

So I hit a HUGE milestone in my business today and I really want to share with all of my fit fam!

I became a DIAMOND coach today! This is such a HUGE accomplishment in the Beachbody world. This is a direct reflection of how many lives I am changing both financially and physically. It was so surreal this morning when I saw this in my back office, I wanted to cry.

This has been on my goal board since January. I have worked so hard and it's finally happened. Now I am on a mission to recruit people as passionate as I am about health and fitness, as well as obtaining financial freedom to join my team. 

What are the qualifications of a diamond Beachbody coach?
4 active coaches on each leg (8 total, you have 2 legs:)), 2 of which are emerald status. 

How does one go emerald? They have 1 active coach on each of their legs (2 active coaches total)

Sound confusing enough? Don't worry here are some FAQ about Beachbody coaching:

What is a Beachbody coach?
A fitness expert? Nope. Nutritionist or Dietician? Absolutely not. I mean you could be these things but they are most definitely not required. We are motivators, dream enablers, and doers. We set goals to make this world a healthier and happier place and we CRUSH them by helping one person at a time. Through online health and fitness challenge groups we provide support, accountability, and tools that individuals need to be successful. We have figured out WHY individuals have such a difficult time getting healthy and we are ready to give you the solution!

What kind of certification or education do I need to be a Beachbody coach?
NONE! Well sort of, no formal training through a university or trade school is required. I will enroll you in a 60 day coach apprenticeship group where you will learn the PROVED system of how to be an effective and successful coach. You receive continuous training and support from your upline sponsors so that you are continuously improving yourself as a coach and able to provide the best of support for your challengers.

How will I know if it is right for me?
You can participate in one of our 5 day, free group to take a look into what a Beachbody coach is or you can set up a time to talk to me and we can go over everything in depth and see if it is a right fit for you.

So I have to ask, are you ready for a change? Have you been waiting for a sign? If so, there is a good chance this is it. I am offering you physical and financial freedom..or atleast some more information about it. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please fill out the application below to be contacted!

I want YOU to be one of my next 10 women in my apprenticeship group. I want to teach you everything I know and more so that you can be successful and effectively help change lives.

What are your goals and dreams?
What's holding you back?
 Don't let the day to day grind stop you from living the life you have always wanted!

Fill out this application for consideration, spots are on a first come, first serve basis! Don't wait!

Fill out my online form.
There are tons of Wufoo features to help make your forms awesome.

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