Saturday, June 7, 2014

How much does Shakeology cost?

Now that you have uncovered whether or not Shakeology is a scam you're probably much does it cost? There's a price on all good things, right?

Well the number one thing I hear about is how expensive Shakeology seems..granted you are buying one month's supply at once, BUT it gives you the amount you will need to replace 1 meal a day for a month.

One month of Shakeology roughly runs about $130. Yes, that sounds pricey. 

But let's break that up over 30 days. It averages out to about $4.66 a day. 

Now, I typically replace my breakfast with Shakeology so it takes the guess work out of my typical morning meal and replaces the oatmeal, fruit, granola, or yogurt I used to have. PLUS, it leaves me feeling fuller for longer.
 What's even better about this? Shakeology is FAST! Maybe you are a breakfast person and would rather replace your lunch BUT you are in the routine of just grabbing something on the go because you travel for your job or are constantly on the road traveling to different site. 

Take a look at how this superfood, meal replacement adds up when compared to a common fast food lunch!

So now you might think, well when I go out for fast food I get a salad or a wrap so I am being healthy.

It always seems that Shakeology is looked past because of the price, but it is not only WORTH the money..but it is truly the healthiest and quickest meal of the day! 

 For more information on how to incorporate this daily dense of dose nutrition into your daily routine, email me, I promise there is no looking back!

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