Sunday, June 15, 2014

Final Week of Chalean Extreme Results, benefits of weight lifting, and 21 day fix meal plan

I have completed another program brought to you by the fabulous Beachbody and I just don't have enough good things to say about, Chalean Extreme. I think this is the ultimate program for women looking to lean out and build muscle. It always splits my side when women tell me that they don't want to "bulk up" so they don't lift weights. Well good thing that women don't have enough natural testosterone to bulk up like men! While we do have some testosterone, we don't have nearly enough to bulk up and look manly. Here are some great reasons why women should be weight lifting:

1. Muscle burns fat. This is something that completing the Chalean Extreme program taught me. Muscle burns fat hands down, but you have to lift those weights/strength train to build that muscle. Cardio alone does NOT build enough muscle to provide you with the results you are looking for!

2. You will see greater, overall muscle definition. So often, my challengers tell me that they want to see muscle and they want to tone. Strength training and weight lifting is how you sculpt those beautiful muscles that everyone wants. Carved shoulders and a 6 pack? Yes, please!

3. You will increase overall, functional strength. Daily activities that you used to need to ask for help for will seem so much easier!

4. Increases metabolism. Which means...YOU CAN EAT MORE! Well you can eat more of the good stuff, eating the bad stuff is not going to benefit you in any way whatsoever.

5. You will build stronger bones. Women are already at a high risk for bone density loss and osteoporosis, let's be proactive about it! Pick those weights up and start moving!

6. Your overall health and wellness will improve. By lifting weights you are increasing your metabolism, building a stronger heart, and becoming more physically fit. WHY WOULDN'T YOU WANT THAT?!

So here is what my meal plan looked like for this last week of Chalean Extreme:
Yes, I am still following the 21 day fix meal is amazing in terms of portion control and choosing enough of proper food groups, you can't go wrong. Anyone looking to fix up their nutrition, this is the way to do it. LOVE this program!

So here are the results from when I started Chalean Extreme (and sort of a BBL, combat, t25 hybrid lol) AND when I ended. Notice increased muscle definition, I know I did! I love it!

So, now even better news! If you follow me, I am sure you wish I would shut up already about PiYo, BUT it is going to be so amazing. This woman, Chalene Johnson, has revolutionized a way for us to burn fat and sculpt muscle while reducing the risk of injury by making this high intensity program, low impact. That's right, no jumping or straining on your joints. I am piloting a test group starting June 30th, the program is to be released June 23rd! Fill out the application below to apply for a spot in this exclusive test group! I am so excited about the changes my body is going to see from this program. I teach a live format of PiYo in a gym and let me just tell you, your mind is about to be blown! Now it's off to coach summit in Las Vegas (where I will be scoring my own copy AND doing a live PiYo workout with Chalene!). Have a great week!

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