Sunday, June 1, 2014

Chalean Extreme and Brazil Butt Life Hybrid: Week 6 Progress and 21 Day Fix Meal Plan

Week 6 in the books. This has been an awesome week in terms of my gains for my personal health and fitness. I did switch out BBL cardio two days with some t25 because I was pressed for time, but I still got my sweat on and still got it done. Here is what my schedule for the week looked like:

Day 1: CE Lean Phase 1
Day 2: BBL High & Tight,  BBL Cardio Axe
Day 3: CE Lean Phase 2
Day 4: Chalean Burn Intervals and Tummy Tuck
Day 5: CE Lean Phase 3
Day 6: BBL Cardio Axe, BBL High & Tight
Day 7: Rest

I substituted day 2 and 4 with t25 cardio/speed 1.0. I still did the High and Tight/Tummy Tuck workouts though! I am still following the 21 day fix meal plan, looked a little something like this:

I forgot how intense Shaun T and t25 could be, but I love that I could get such an effective and intense sweat session in and be done in 25 minutes. This is exactly what I needed because the last week of school was insane! I could have used this as an excuse, but I used it as a reason to keep pushing harder and make it work for my schedule. Sometimes things go off course, but we have to be ready to roll with the punches..right?! Also, I can see huge gains in my arms since the Lean phase of Chalean Extreme started. It takes a lot of encouragement to keep pushing when I am fatiguing during her workouts, but I have been giving 100% and can confidently say it's showing.

I also have fallen in love with a new line of workout clothes at Nordstroms, Zella. These pants are not only awesome the way they look, they are SO comfortable and fit so well. They're also about half the size of the lulu pants I buy, so there is defintely some competition in the mix. We will have to see how well they hold up though.

As of today, June 1, I have started the 3 day Shakeology cleanse. This cleanse is always a huge battle for me because I give in usually at the end of day 2, but I am not letting it happen this time. I am really shooting to break through some plateau and to feel better in general. Mind over matter, right?!
I have a new group starting to help people stay on track during the summer and keep reaching their goals. It starts June 9th so don't want, fill out the form below and take that leap of faith to make the changes you've been thinking about! I can't wait to hear from you!

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