Monday, June 30, 2014

July Bikini Blaster

So we're about half way through summer..which means we have half the summer left to rock out our shorts, bikinis, and tanks! I mean, it's just NOW starting to get hot! Are you ready to feel confident and happy when you're out with friends? Are you ready to make a change, starting yesterday? I welcome you to apply for 1 of 10 spots available for my 21 day Bikini Blaster challenge!!

As some of you might know, this is a popular time of the year for FAD diets! People want to look leaner, thinner, and happier. I don't know about the general population, but fad diets literally make me sad and miserable. There is nothing worse than DIETING. In fact I have a strong distaste for that word..don't make it a's a lifestyle change! 

I know what many of you are thinking, why would I want to change my lifestyle now and ruin my summer fun? Well you don't have to which is the most amazing part of this challenge! Literally, nothing is off limits, we are practicing portion control and good nutrition, along with moderate exercise to shave off those unwanted inches and calories! 

So what does the Bikini Blaster entail?:
-7, 30 minute workouts
-Meal plan
-Grocery list
-Color coded portion control containers
-1:1 coaching
- Accountability group in an online, closed Facebook group
-Time management skills taught

Sounds pretty simple, right? That's because IT IS! This program is designed to take the guess work out of eating healthy and finding balance in your life! Fill out the application below to apply for 1 of the 10 available spots this month, they are first come first serve! I will be in contact with you within 24-48 hours with more information once your application has been received. I look forward to helping all of you learn balance, portion control, and good food choices in as little as 21 days!

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Shaun T Workout Giveaway!

I have noticed that a lot of people say money is the biggest issue for not working out and I hate that it has to be the case! I have decided I am giving away a free copy of Shaun T's Hip Hop Abs program to the lucky winner of this contest. Through hip hop moves and grooving to the music provided, you will dance your way to a 6 pack in no time! With this, I will also be your FREE 1:1 coaching. So just for signing up in this contest, you get a FREE coach to hold you accountable (who doesn't love that, right?) and a FREE Shaun T workout program. July is starting off pretty good already, am I right?

So follow the directions below to enter and make sure to maximize how many times you enter so that you are able to increase your chances of winning! I am so excited for all of you and can't wait to see what this challenge brings!

**this giveaway is open to NEW customers of Balanced Health and Fitness only**
**NO coaches please**

Win a FREE Shaun T Workout DVD in 3 simple steps!

Ready to enter? Follow the instructions below!

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30 day clean eating and Shakeology challenge

Who's got big plans for the 4th of July? **raises hand** How many of them include clean eating?..crickets?..Yep that's what I thought. I have a feeling that I will be on the list of not so clean eaters come this holiday weekend, so I have a plan to get it together starting Monday, July 7th as as trial run and and I want 5-7 people to join me on starting July 21st for a chance to renew your body and refresh your insides to start feeling better!

I plan on renewing, refreshing, and reviving my energy, metabolism, and body for the month of July with a 30 day clean eating plan and replacing one meal a day with Shakeology..but not before I kick this off with the 3 day refresh! If you are unfamiliar with the 3 day refresh, it is a NON STARVATION cleanse that Beachbody has formulated and lasts 3 days and allows you to eat food! For more information, check out my informational blog post on the product click here! This program is designed for all levels of individuals to help kick start our metabolism, give us more energy, and get us back on track for the last part of summer! Skeptical about the 3 day refresh? Here's just ONE of the amazing results it has given!

What does this challenge include?
-Weekly meal plans
-Grocery lists
-3 day refresh kit
-1 month of Shakeology
-1:1 coaching
-Closed, online facebook support group where we all communicate, share struggles/successes, and lend recipes and ideas on how to make us more successful

It's important for us to rid our body of toxins, eat clean, and provide ourselves with our daily dose of dense nutrition (Shakeology) meal replacement shake so that our bodies can perform at their optimal level. With all of that garbage and gunk clogging up your system, it's hard for your organs to perform the best the day and if they can't do's harder to lose weight and maintain energy levels!

If you have been looking for a way to clean up your diet, rid your body of toxins without starving yourself, and have the support of the rest of us while you're at it, you've come to the right place! Fill out the application below and I will contact you in 24-48 hours. Spots are on a first come, first serve basis, so don't hesitate! Let's get back on track, together!

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Saturday, June 28, 2014

3 Day Refresh!

3 Day Refresh!
Finally!! An easy plan put together just for you to help you drop a few pounds (going on vacation, wedding, or an important event), if you want to break some bad habits, or if you totally fell off the wagon and you want a fresh start to your healthy regimen!

What is the Refresh:
The 3- Day Refresh consists of 3 daily shakes, a fiber drink, plenty of filtered water, plus a wide variety of fresh fruits, veggies, and healthy fats though out the day to keep fueling your body and increasing your metabolism.

What you will eat and drink during the 3- Day Refresh:
1. Wake up- Drink 8-12 oz filtered water

2. Breakfast (within an hour of waking up)- Shakeology + fruit (from the list provided)

*Option for Green Tea

3. Mid-morning- FIBER SWEEP (digestive health drink)

4. Lunch- Vanilla FRESH (high protein, hunger-satisfying shake) + options from the fruit, veggie, and healthy fat list

5. Afternoon snack- From the fruit, veggie, or juice option list

*Option for Green Tea

6. Dinner- Vanilla FRESH + a meal from dinner recipe list

*Option for Green Tea

What is the Vanilla FRESH shake?
A high protein vanilla shake not only helps satisfy your hunger though out the day, but delivers essential nutrition your body needs for healthy weight loss.
This is also a perfect source of fiber, and it is DAIRY FREE and SOY FREE!

Nutrition Facts for Vanilla FRESH:
Plant protein - 20 gm
22 essential vitamins and minerals
Probiotics to promote digestive and immune health
Clinically tested potato protein extract to help curb hunger
No artificial flavors, color, preservatives, or sweeteners

A blend of soluble and insoluble fibers that gently and naturally eliminates waste from your digestive system, while supporting healthy intestinal flora.

- It is created from whole-ground flax, chia, and psyllium seed husks, FIBER SWEEP is an excellent source of fiber for digestive health

-Wholesome psyllium fiber can help naturally lower cholesterol and support healthy good sugar levels as a part of a healthy diet

-Since this plan is low in saturated fat and cholesterol, psyllium fiber husk may help reduce the risk of coronary artery disease (CAD).

- Flax and Chia are sources of healthy omega-3 fatty acids

When should you start the 3-Day Refresh?
Many people start the Refresh on Friday morning so they can stay focused and disciplined through the weekend- while others may prefer to follow this during the week to avoid temptation of weekend activities. 
This is totally YOUR CALL of how and when you want to start this.  Bottom line- you want results and to make this a healthy lifestyle, it should be a good time when you decide they day YOU WANT TO COMMIT!

What to expect while on the Refresh:
This is NOT a starvation diet or an all-liquid diet, although it is low in calories (approx. 900 a day). You should not feel starved since it is packed with fiber and protein and you are nourishing your body properly.  Plus you get to eat FOOD! 

About the FIBER:
If you are not use to having lots of fiber in your regimen, I recommend you eat a large salad daily and a few servings of fresh veggies for the week up until your Refresh.  If you are not use to all the fiber and overload your body with fiber, you may feel uncomfortable gassy and bloating.  This is also a sign of your body cleaning itself up, which is what it is meant to do.  After you do this Refresh, you will want to increase your fiber levels in general (which is part of a healthy nutrition regimen).  
Fiber promotes satiety, helps balance blood sugar, and thus energy levels, promotes cardiovascular health, and keeps your digestive tract more regular.  It of course also helps you stay healthy and helps you lose weight! 

It is recommended that you drink tons of water, especially if you want the fiber to do its job right! How you know you get the right amount of water is by taking your weight / 2 and that number is how many ounces of water you should intake every day.
Example: My weight is 130.... 130/2= 65.... 65 ounces is what I need every day (not including your water for your shakes).
*Some people will drink 1 gallon to help maximize their result, which is an approach I personally used and love! It also helps you feel fuller and know the difference between hunger vs. boredom. 

During the 3-Day Refresh, it is recommended that you incorporate MILD to MODERATE exercise. This is because the 3 -Day Refresh will use your energy more effectively to help cleanse your system if you are not, at the same time, taxing it with the effort of repairing muscle after an intense workout.

So now you have it! A simple plan, for fast results! I am so excited this plan is out because this is perfect for so many people out there looking for results the natural way without putting chemicals and toxins in their body!

If you are interested in joining me, I will be starting this Refreshed for Summer challenge group on July 7th! I am looking for 5 people to join me to refresh and reset after the holiday weekend! Fill out the application below to apply and I will contact you within 48 hours!!

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Friday, June 27, 2014

Beachbody Coach Summit 2014 recap: Viva Las Vegas!

Coach Summit 2014..if I could sum it up in one word? I couldn't, it was amazing, inspiring, exciting, motivating, uplifting, encouraging...I am sure you get the point by now but this may have been one of the best investments, if not THE best investment, of my life!

What is coach summit?
It's a 3 day event that gives Beachbody coaches amazing seminars, tools, and information to build their businesses and allow them to help more people than they ever thought possible! From workouts with the celebrity trainers to exclusive, invite only parties in the evening, Beachbody definitely knows how to show how much they truly care and appreciate their coaches!

My Success Partner (Sarah) and I waiting in line at the core to score some amazing Beachbody swag, only available at summit! If you haven't, click here to check out her blog for more motivation and recipes! She is seriously amazing!

 Tarah Carr (a top coach) and I waiting in line for the check out. This gal is SO sweet and inspirational. She gave such a bomb diggity presentation on social media, her public speaking skills are seriously amazing.
Lindsay Matway and I (top coach of 2013) after her Shine event. She brought to the stage so many inspiring and encouraging speakers. The possibilities and truly endless with this company and so many coaches made that perfectly clear during this event.

 Did I mention the live workouts with celebrity trainers? Chalene Johnson! Her energy seriously EXUDES through her when she speaks and when she is present. If you haven't read her book, PUSH, you must! It will most definitely change your life, whether your a Beachbody coach or not!

 The theme this year for Summit was "Never Give Up". I love that this company welcomes failure, as opposed to shaming you for it. Failure is something we can learn and grow from. It's okay to go for no. If we don't do something wrong once in a while, how will we know how to tweak it and do something right?! Never give up if you love something! Keep trying, we are constantly learning and need to constantly learn from our mistakes!

 All of these women are nothing short of amazing. Two fellow coaches on my team, Katy and Tracy, are so inspiring and motivated to change the lives of the people around them and make a better life for their family. They are fighters, dreamers, and doers. They are inspiration.

4 am wake up to workout with our girl, Autumn Calabrese, creator of the 21 day fix!

This guy. I literally couldn't hold it together as soon as the flash went off. We didn't have a lot of time to chat with them, but I had to say thank you to him..and then came the water works! He gave me something healthy to turn to (p90x3, my life changer) when my father passed away. Before, I would have turned to drinking and emotional binge eating, but his program and my participation in my challenge group kept me on track and made me a healthier and happier person! I can't believe how happy I am with who I am right now. I don't think I have ever been this confident or just excited to be who I am. Isn't that the best feeling in the world? 

 That's my goal! Out there for the world to see!

 THis super workout was crazy! 9,000 people gathered in the back lot of the MGM grand hotel/resort to get our workout on with celebrity trainers like Shaun T, Chalene Johnson, Les Mills trainers, Tony Horton, and Autumn Calabrese! 330 wake up call to get a good spot and it was totally worth it! All of these trainers were inspiring and I wish they would come and workout with me every morning so I could push myself as hard as I can..oh wait they do..Through the television of course! (I love technology!)

I also have to give credit, where credit is due! My amazing coach, Melanie Mitro, is the reason where I am at in my life today. She took me under her wing when I was in the most vulnerable and unhappy state of my life and helped me turn to a healthy alternative (clean eating and exercise) when times were getting tough. I don't think I'll ever be able to thank her enough for this. She is my inspiration and my example of what an amazing coach, leader, and person should be. She received her Superstar diamond (highest rank in Beachbody!!) while we were at Summit! I couldn't think of someone who deserved it more than she did. She truly lights up a room when she walks in and she is unstoppable in the accomplishments she is going to achieve. Thank you Melanie!

Last but certainly not least, this woman was a key note speaker. Diana Nyad. If you don't know her story, look her up. It is truly amazing! She swam from Cuba to Key West after FAILING 4 TIMES! NEVER, EVER, GIVE UP!

The one take away I got from this entire experience was to never give up. I have so many more goals and resources to be a better person and help EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU REACH YOUR GOALS! While I have goals of my own, I want to help you all reach your goals first. I want to give you all an opportunity to see what this amazing organization does for people and what a day in the life of a coach is like!

Does this sound like something you would be interested in? Are you ready to make a change in your life? Physically? Financially? Join me for a FREE, 5 day look at what a Beachbody coach is/does. Nothing is required of you, except to watch a video each day on how coaching has impacted someone's life and what they do to be successful. No strings attached, I just want to help you understand that these amazing opportunities do exist! Please fill out the application below so I can contact you and help you find your "why". We all have one and I know yours is pretty amazing.

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Free 7 day clean eating group

People say nothing in life is free, but that must've been before I created my FREE 7 day, no strings attached clean eating group! 

What you will be provided with:
-Meal plan
-Grocery List
-Guidance on how to meal plan/prep on your own
-A closed, Facebook group to ask questions and have support

Fact: Artificial flavoring can cause problems with digestion and reek havok on your metabolism..and can prevent you from losing weight?! WAHHHH!!

Fact: Soy is sooo bad for you! Manufacturers use it because it is cheap to produce and increases their profits! It is terrible for your thyroid!

It is SO important that we watch what we put into our body, that's the main reason I find this group so important. I want to educate as many people as possible on what should be going in your mouth every day. Eating healthy and clean doesn't have to be hard or expensive, that's what I plan to teach you during the group. Please fill out the form below so that I can contact you and get you signed up! If you have ever thought about changing your nutrition, the time is NOW! Why not now? Why not YOU?

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Beachbody Coaching Opportunity Call!

Attention! Attention! Did I get it? I figured I did :) most of you know through faith, hope, and work I have found a career I have truly become passionate about. Beachbody coaching has allowed me a platform to help people improve their health, wellness, and financial stability. What is the best part? ANYONE can do it. That's right, even you!

What is Beachbody coaching?
Beachbody coaching is NOT selling a certain amount of quota each month. Coaching is not earning free cars or luxury homes. It is WORKING to change your life and other people's lives too. The opportunities in this company are endless, if you are willing to work for it. Nothing in life worth having is just handed to us and this is no exception. BUT I have a secret...

Why should you join my team?
We are a team. A sisterhood (we do have men, though, we don't discriminate). We are there for each other and a shoulder to lean on when times get tough and a set of shoulders to sit on when you have reached your biggest goals!

Because we make things easier on you! Yeah, things aren't easy but they can be easier. I will teach you how to work SMARTER not HARDER! How do I do this?

1. 1:1 coaching to help you achieve your fitness goals
2. Primo access to the best resources and tools available
3. 30 day coach apprenticeship group where you will learn the ins and outs of the NUMBER 1 TEAM in all of Beachbody!

How can coaching benefit you?
This is an easy one! It can give you the opportunity to take that extra vacation, put money in your savings, hold yourself accountable. When I tell you the possibilities are endless, I mean it!

That's why I want to invite ALL of you to a business opportunity call on June 26th at 9 PM EST. This call will tell you exactly what coaching is, exactly what you can expect, and why you must DREAM BIG! Fill out the application below and I will contact you with the link to the call! My next coach apprenticeship group starts July 7th and I want YOU to live your life by design and join me on this journey! I can't wait to hear from all of you!

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Monday, June 16, 2014

3 Day Quick Fix

Get beach-ready or ready for that little black dress in 72 hours! This is Autumn’s secret weapon for losing weight fast before a competition or photo shoot. You can do it during the last 3 days of 21 Day Fix for mind-blowing "after" pictures OR if you need a lil extra kick start before a wedding or upcoming event!

It's a great way to "reset" your mind & your body to rid yourself of a few bad habits & overeating practices!  It's not something you want to do for any longer than 3 days, but if done occasionally, its a great way to lose a little weight, fast.

Full disclosure: It's not going to be easy! Staying on track with the meals and drinking plenty of water is KEY!

You might find yourself hungry or craving those beloved carbs haha

Here's the deal: 

  • Space meals about 2 hours apart. TIP: Set a reminder on your phone to alert you!
  • Eat those greens! She recommends steamed veggie options like broccoli, asparagus, green beans, zucchini, cucumbers or bell peppers. TIP: Frozen veggies in Steamer bags are a lifesaver!!
  • Approved Seasonings:  lemon and lime juice, vinegars, and spices. No SALT
  • Oatmeal can be flavored with cinnamon, nutmeg, or one packet (1/2 teaspoon) of stevia YUM!!
  • Drink at least one gallon of water a day. Spread it out as much as possible starting with a glass when you first wake up. It will help you feel full while it flushes toxins from your system. 
  • Drink Extra Virgin coconut oil with meals. To prepare: place the desired amount in a microwave safe bowl and zap for 10 to 15 seconds.
  • Coffee or tea is ok to drink, but avoid creamers and sweeteners except stevia.  
  • Stick with your regular workout sched! No need to alter your workouts, the 3 day quick fix can be used anytime! It is also recommended during the last 3 days and only 3 days of the program for maximum results.

Here is an Example of the plan!:
Meal 1: (YELLOW) Steel cut oatmeal (cooked) (RED) Egg whites and 1 spoon of E.V. coconut oil.
Meal 2: 1 (RED) grilled chicken and 1 (YELLOW) steamed yams
Meal 3: 1 (RED) steamed fish and 1(GREEN) steamed veggies
Meal 4: 1 (RED) grilled chicken and 1 (GREEN) steamed veggies and 1 spoon of E.V. coconut oil.
Meal 5: 1 (RED) Steamed fish and 1 (GREEN) steamed veggies and 1 spoon of E.V. coconut oil.
Meal 6: 1 (RED) ground extra lean turkey 1 (GREEN) steamed veggies and 1 spoon of E.V. Coconut oil.

Repeat for 3 days! Drink lots of water and NO SALT!!

If you're interested in more information about the 21 day fix program and FREE 1:1 coaching, fill out this application below and let's get you started on the fast track to optimal health and wellness!
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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Final Week of Chalean Extreme Results, benefits of weight lifting, and 21 day fix meal plan

I have completed another program brought to you by the fabulous Beachbody and I just don't have enough good things to say about, Chalean Extreme. I think this is the ultimate program for women looking to lean out and build muscle. It always splits my side when women tell me that they don't want to "bulk up" so they don't lift weights. Well good thing that women don't have enough natural testosterone to bulk up like men! While we do have some testosterone, we don't have nearly enough to bulk up and look manly. Here are some great reasons why women should be weight lifting:

1. Muscle burns fat. This is something that completing the Chalean Extreme program taught me. Muscle burns fat hands down, but you have to lift those weights/strength train to build that muscle. Cardio alone does NOT build enough muscle to provide you with the results you are looking for!

2. You will see greater, overall muscle definition. So often, my challengers tell me that they want to see muscle and they want to tone. Strength training and weight lifting is how you sculpt those beautiful muscles that everyone wants. Carved shoulders and a 6 pack? Yes, please!

3. You will increase overall, functional strength. Daily activities that you used to need to ask for help for will seem so much easier!

4. Increases metabolism. Which means...YOU CAN EAT MORE! Well you can eat more of the good stuff, eating the bad stuff is not going to benefit you in any way whatsoever.

5. You will build stronger bones. Women are already at a high risk for bone density loss and osteoporosis, let's be proactive about it! Pick those weights up and start moving!

6. Your overall health and wellness will improve. By lifting weights you are increasing your metabolism, building a stronger heart, and becoming more physically fit. WHY WOULDN'T YOU WANT THAT?!

So here is what my meal plan looked like for this last week of Chalean Extreme:
Yes, I am still following the 21 day fix meal is amazing in terms of portion control and choosing enough of proper food groups, you can't go wrong. Anyone looking to fix up their nutrition, this is the way to do it. LOVE this program!

So here are the results from when I started Chalean Extreme (and sort of a BBL, combat, t25 hybrid lol) AND when I ended. Notice increased muscle definition, I know I did! I love it!

So, now even better news! If you follow me, I am sure you wish I would shut up already about PiYo, BUT it is going to be so amazing. This woman, Chalene Johnson, has revolutionized a way for us to burn fat and sculpt muscle while reducing the risk of injury by making this high intensity program, low impact. That's right, no jumping or straining on your joints. I am piloting a test group starting June 30th, the program is to be released June 23rd! Fill out the application below to apply for a spot in this exclusive test group! I am so excited about the changes my body is going to see from this program. I teach a live format of PiYo in a gym and let me just tell you, your mind is about to be blown! Now it's off to coach summit in Las Vegas (where I will be scoring my own copy AND doing a live PiYo workout with Chalene!). Have a great week!

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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Oreo Shakeology

Oreo Shakeology

I love oreos and wanted one sooo bad this morning!! So I decided to put a healthy spin on the Oreo flavor and make some Oreo Shakeology! It was soo good! Here's the recipe!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

How do I get PiYo? Exclusive Information!

Have you heard the buzz? PiYo is coming out on June 23rd AND it is only available through your Beachbody coach! This program will not be available to the public for a while after that so the time is now for you to learn what PiYo is, make me your coach, and sign up for one of the 10 available spots in my PiYo test group! So let's start with the basics..

What is PiYo?
PiYo is a pilates and yoga influenced workout created by none of than Chalene Johnson. This workout is low impact but high intensity to burn fat and calories while not making your joints suffer with jumping around like a crazy person! This workout is literally appropriate for all age levels because you can even MODIFY the low impact moves, who doesn't love that?! This workout is designed to also help you build strength in all areas of your body using your own body weight. How amazing is that, no jumping..and high fat burning?! How can you not be in love already?                          
Now I am sure most of you are thinking, "I have no balance" or "I'm not flexible enough". Well good! That is what PiYo is designed to do. Balance and flexibility are CRITICAL in our health and wellness, having a strong source of these components will make you overall more fit and strong. The moves and workouts with this specific program will help you increase your overall strength as well! (cough..lots of tricep push ups..cough..)
I have been lucky enough to be a certified PiYo instructor for a few months now and I have to tell you, by teaching this class and doing the routine consistently I am seeing HUGE changes! My core has become so much stronger in the process, I can not WAIT to have the program in my home, available to me every day.

So now you are wondering, how do I get my hands on this program as soon as it comes out?! Here's the details

  • You must have a Team Beachbody coach, click here to make me your FREE coach (make sure to do this as soon as possible so it is one less step you have to worry about!)
  • It is available on June 23rd and WILL sell out
  • By making me your free coach AND filling out my application below, you will receive up to the minute information on it's release about when and how to order. You will also reserve a 1 of my 10 spots in my exclusive PiYo test group! Spots are limited AND first come, first serve.
Finally, WHAT is this PiYO pilot group you've been talking about?!

There have been some pretty amazing results from the test group that was ran specifically through Beachbody. TONS OF INCHES were just flying off the participant's bodies and here is what they did:

  • Followed PiYo program
  • Replaced one meal a day with Shakeology
  • Followed clean eating principles
  • Used online, closed Facebook group to check in and hold them accountable
So this is EXACTLY what we are going to do. Why do I believe so strongly in this program and using the pilot group? Because I know it works! I have done one for p90x3, 21 day fix, and an array of programs and people are successful! If you are ready for the body you've always wanted and aren't ready to risk injury or strain to your joints, visit the link above to make me your free coach AND fill out the application below! I can't wait to hear from all of you! Test group starts July 7th!

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Chalean Extreme and Brazil Butt Lift Hybrid: Week 7 Progress and 21 day fix meal plan

Before I get into all my good tales of my fitness journey, I just wanted to take another second to acknowledge this goal I have finally accomplished! I am nowhere near stopping in my quest to help others reach theirs, but this signifies that I have helped reached a lot of lives..and I can't get over it!

Soo now on to my week in fitness! Still doing the CLX/BBL hybrid, week 7 was finished as of yesterday! I am seeing so many gains and I have a very big surprise for all of you at the end of this post (DO NOT SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM!!). I also had a lot of practicing to do for my first PiYo class that was on Thursday..I LOVED teaching it and am so excited to have the opportunity to do so once a week. If you are ever in the St. Louis area or belong to Club Fitness, check out my PiYo class at the Lemary Ferry locations on Thursday nights at 5 pm!

 For reals. You can't wait another minute because this workout is amazing. And not to mention that the home version of PiYo is coming out in two weeks! Check out this post for all things PiYo and how to be one of the first ones to grab it (pssst.. you have to have a coach to be one of the first to get it at the INTRODUCTORY price, so you definitely want to click here for more information!)

So here is what my workout schedule looked like for the week:

Day 1: CE Burn Circuit 1
Day 2: BBL Cardio Axe, BBL Bum Bum
Day 3: CE Push Phase 2
Day 4: BBL Sculpt (I did t25 speed 1.0, I was pressed for time!)
Day 5: CE Lean Phase 3
Day 6: BBL Cardio Axe, BBL Bum Bum Rapido
Day 7: Rest (I threw in some yoga because I am wanting to keep my rest days as active recovery days until after Vegas!)

This is what the meal plan looked like, stuck to it for the most part..still hanging on to that 21 day fix style plan! LOVE it!

So here is a glimpse into my transformation thus far! I plan to have completed all of my health and fitness goals by August 31, 2014. I will be in the best shape of my life by then. I am putting it out there because now there is no taking it back, right? Look below and read on..please leave a comment below to tell me what you think and what your goals are. I want to help you all reach the same level of success I have had the opportunity to reach!

I have decided that I need to contribute 99.9% of my success to being a coach while I was on my transformation. When I started, I was 160 lbs..the heaviest weight I've ever been. Coaching has helped hold me accountable and has given me something to do in place of my bad habits I had before. With that being said I am looking for 5 more people to join me on the journey to financial freedom and physical happiness. Believe me when I tell you that you do NOT have to be perfect for this to work, you have to be willing to work though. Great things do not come easily but I want to help make them easier for you. Fill out the application below to be reviewed for one of my 5 spots in my coach apprenticeship program. These spots are first come, first serve so don't delay. 

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Sunday, June 8, 2014

How Much Sugar Should I Have Daily?

Added sugar is single handedly the most terrible thing you can have in your diet. It increases your blood sugar, blood pressure, as well as your risk of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. But I am sure you already knew that because EVERYONE knows that, people just don't seem to care. First I want to break down the sugary difference.

Added Sugars vs. Natural Sugars

Natural sugars are those that are found in nature and have not been altered or changed in any way, shape, or form. These are sugars that are present in foods from the very beginning and are naturally occurring. ADDED sugars are those that are added to foods, the most common include table sugar and High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS).

How much sugar should I be having daily?
This is such a great question because it really does impact your health and weight loss. There is no simple answer to this question, but here are some guidelines I stumbled upon:

According to the American Heart Association (AHA), the maximum amount of added sugars you should eat in a day are (7):
    • Men: 150 calories per day (37.5 grams or 9 teaspoons)
    • Women: 100 calories per day (25 grams or 6 teaspoons)
So now here is the real question, how much sugar do common food items have? Let's break it down.

The fruits in the sugars are natural sugars, but obviously in these tasty beverages, the sugars included are those that are added to the product. Added sugars are NEVER good for your health and wellness, but are you expected to never have another ounce of sugar again? Of course not! Everything in moderation..

What if I am obese or trying to lose weight/fat? Then no amount of sugar is good for you. It's unnecessary and provides no positive physiological substance to our bodies! Stick to the natural stuff, if you can't pronounce it..don't eat it!

Here are some great of natural sugar substitutes that you can use. Information provided by Mind. Body. Green:
1. Molasses
2. Dates
3. Honey
4. Maple Syrup
5. Stevia

I love adding a packet of stevia and a dash of raw, organic maple syrup to my flax seed/steel cut oatmeal. I find it gives it the perfect sugar flavor and doesn't taste like that fake garbage sweetener, sweet n low or splenda. 

The bottom line is, stay away from sugar. The less you consume the better. A little every now and then is good, but stay below 150 calories from NATURAL sugars! If you can't pronounce the ingredient on the box, put the snack back and head over to the produce section for something more natural and clean.