Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Chalean Extreme/ Brazil Butt Lift Hybrid Workout and Meal Plan: Week 3

We are underway and into the swing of things with my Chalean Extreme/ Brazil Butt Lift Hybrid. I am no longer under estimating the power of Leandro and his BBL secret moves. I have been waking up s-o-r-e. Here is what the workouts looked like!

Day 1: CE Push Phase 1
Day 2: BBL Bum Bum, BBL Cardio Axe
Day 3: CE Push Phase 2
Day 4: BBL Sculpt
Day 5: CE Push Phase 3
Day 6: BBL Cardio Axe, BBL High & Tight
Day 7: Rest

So we moved on to Chalean's PUSH phase which means upping the weights and decreasing reps...PUSHINGGGGG to the limit my muscles is the understatement of the year. I have definitely noticed an increase in my appetite since I have been lifting heavier weights so I am being really diligent about having extra HEALTH snacks (string cheese, fruit, almonds) with me wherever I go. I find this very exciting because it is a pretty good indicator that my metabolism is revving up! Here is what last weeks meal plan looked like!

I am still sticking to the 21 day fix plan, adding a few extra veggie or protein containers depending on what the workout I do is, because this system is really working for me in terms of maintaing healthy eating habits and keeping my portions under control. I seriously don't know how people keep it in check without these colored containers in their life. Click here for more information on how to get your hands on some and get some motivation and guidance from me on how to use them starting in 2 weeks! 

This week also included but was not limited to a kick ass Insanity Class and PiYo practice. I need to give a shoutout to my Beachbody success buddy, Sarah, for all of her support with both of these! I couldn't do it without her as my biggest fan! Click here and check out her blog for additional recipes and workout motivation!

PiYo practice!

I also made a huge purchase, but I am waiting until next week to share that piece of information with ya'll. Have a great week everyone! As always, feel free to email me with any questions regarding coaching, challenge groups, or health and nutrition! Next 60 day challenge group starts June 9th, reserve your spot by filling out the application below! Spots are first come/first serve basis!

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