Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Memorial Day Slimmed Down

Summer is right around the corner, which means BBQs, pool parties, eating out, etc. I know that it can be frustrating when you have put so much work into changing your eating habits and then you get the overwhelming feeling of guilt the next day when you over indulge and make not so great choices in the buffet line. Here is what a typical American's Memorial Day BBQ meal looks like:

When you add that up, plus some, that is A LOT of calories in one meal! Not to mention how busy we can be during the holiday weekend, our workouts can occasionally go by the wayside. Here are some tips to help keep you on track this Memorial Day and some alternatives to try!

1. Eat before you go! If you've already eaten, you are going to be less tempted to eat at the party. You can always take some unsalted almonds or a piece of fruit in your purse incase you do grow hungry. If you do eat what they are serving, keep an eye on your portions! Remember, most of the time our eyes are bigger than our stomachs:)

2. Don't stand by the table. I notice that if I am standing next to the food, I am going to eat it. I need to put distance between me and the meal or I graze the entire time I am there and leave feeling bloated and unhappy.

3. Stay hydrated! Keep a bottle of water with you at all times! This will help keep you feeling fuller for longer. This is a huge time to consume "empty, liquid calories", but be proactive and have your water with you. I have noticed after one too many cocktails is when I feel the hungriest too, so be careful with those drinks!:)

4. Have fun! Don't torture yourself. You know your limits and you have self control. If you really want something, have it, just don't overdo it!

5. Leave out the starchy carbs. If they're having burgers, have yours without the buns topped with veggies. Ask what they made the potato salad with, if the ingredients don't seem too scary, enjoy it! 

6. Don't be a pain in the ass and complain the entire time. This new lifestyle is yours and you have a reason you are doing it! But no on likes to hear someone go on and on about how unhealthy their food is and what a bad decision everyone is making by eating it. Let them make their own decisions and politely decline.

7. Offer to bring something. If you make it, you will know what it is and what is in it so you will have a safe option!

8. Always carry the Shakeology:)

I hope all of you have a wonderful Memorial Day and enjoy your holiday weekend!

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