Monday, May 5, 2014

May Shakeology Giveaway!

I am feeling awfully generous this May and have decided to give away 3 packets of Shakeology ($17 dollar value) to one lucky winner. What do you have to do? Like my Facebook page, sign up to receive FREE tips and recipes via email and share the giveaway with friends! Enter on the form below.

So..what is Shakeology and why should you be excited by a give away?

Shakeology is one of the most amazing products available on the market. It is the equivalent to FIVE salads in one glass! What all does Shakeology have to offer?

It comes in amazing flavors and with the recipes out there, it's like having a cheat meal for breakfast..but you're not! It has helped curb my cravings and leaves me feeling fuller longer. Want to know what else is nice? It has the exact carb to protein ratio as a meal should have, making this an appropriate meal replacement drink to have every day, at any time of the day! 

It gives you energy, allows you to not have to think about a meal, and takes the guess work out being healthy.

Shakeology has been one of the pillars of my weight loss and wellness journey. I could not have done this well without it. I truly thank the universe every day that I had the opportunity to try it, without it, I would not have been as successful.

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