Monday, May 19, 2014

Chalean Extreme/Brazil Butt Lift Hybrid Progress and Meal Plan: Week 4

We are half way done with the hybrid! I am feeling so much stronger and I am telling the definition in my muscles (even my abs!) are starting to pop! I am in love with this hybrid because I feel like I am getting a really good strength training workout and I am able to target those really difficult areas (saddle bags, love handles, etc.) Here is what this week's workout looked like:

Day 1: CE Push Phase 1
Day 2: BBL Cardio Axe, BBL High & Tight
Day 3: CE Push Phase 2
Day 4: CE Burn Intervals, CE Extreme Abs
Day 5: CE Push Phase 3
Day 6: BBL Bum Bum, BBL Cardio Axe
Day 7: Rest

I was most definitely ready for a full on rest day by Sunday, my body was exhausted. I was also battling a cold all week but stuck to my workouts and am feeling much better. Before, I would have most definitely used that as an excuse to sleep in and skip the workout. I feel like this is a huge victory for me to have not allowed myself to give in.  I am still following the 21 day fix meal plan..I had a few days go off schedule but that's life, right?

Starting next week until I leave for Vegas, I will be following my 21 day fix meal plan to a T! My 21 day fix challenge group starts Monday so I have those wonderful ladies to help keep me accountable too! There are few things in the world I have grown to love more than a good challenge group! Support, tips, advice, accountability?! DONE! Interested in information about an upcoming challenge group? Fill out the application below and I will contact you!:) Have a great week everyone!

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