Sunday, May 18, 2014

21 Day Fix Grocery List

Ever since the 21 day fix came out, I have been following the meal plan pretty religiously. I am in LOVE with the meal plan actually. Why? Because it is full proof and takes all of the guess work out for you. You use an equation to figure out how many of each color container you use (colors=food groups, for example: red=protein) and you fill that container up and that is one serving. I have always found color coded systems to be much easier to follow because I am a visual person, plus counting calories sucks (let's be honest) and it's a hard system to live by. I like this plan because it focuses on portion control and clean eating, now that I have done the fix a few times I am able to eye ball a lot of stuff, but still occasionally use the containers for re-assurance that I am sticking with the right amount. Also, there is nothing that is not allowed on this plan. Wine and chocolate approved (in moderation of course)! Like I said it's a healthy lifestyle change, not a diet!

I am going to Vegas in about a month for Beachbody Coach Summit and I want to be at my goal weight by then. Sticking to this meal plan, 100%, will allow me to do that so I am committed, stocked up, and ready to CRUSH SOME GOALS!

So when I am using this plan (from here until forever), there are some staples that I pick up at the store on a weekly basis. I know a lot of people think grocery shopping every week is a pain in the ass but I plan weekly and I don't always have huge trips, a lot of the time I just need almond milk, fresh fruit/veggies, and a few other things.

Protein: Red
- Lean ground turkey
-Turkey Burgers (Trader Joes)
-Veggie Burgers (Trader Joes)
- Boneless, skinless chicken breasts

Red meat is approved on the plan and I do eat it from time to time (love me some STEAK) but I typically stick with leaner meats. I also do not like bacon. At all. So that is never on the list.

Yellow: Carbs
-Quinoa and Brown Rice Pasta
-Rolled oats
-Sweet potato
-Sweet Potato Frites (Trader Joes)
-Unsweetened Almond Milk
-Ezekiel Bread (Trader Joes)
-Whole Grain Bread (No HFCS)

I always use a carb (unsweetened almond milk) with my Shakeology, which is a little different from the meal plan but I love it so much! I stay away from starches and white pastas.

**Caution: Containers hold much more food than it appears**

Green: Veggies
- Asparagus
- Broccoli
-Baby Carrots
-Brussel Sprouts
-Sweet peppers
-String beans
-Grape tomatoes

I have a few veggies that I really like and stick with those. Obviously you can eat whatever vegetable you want, I am not the boss of your veggies.

Purple: Fruit
- Strawberries

I don't branch out much with fruit, there are only a few but I make sure I eat those on a regular basis so I am sticking to the right amount of fruit I should be having.

Blue: Healthy Fats
-Cashew Butter 
-Laughing Cow Cheese Light
-Shredded Cheddar Cheese
-Sabra Hummus

I am really choosy on what my healthy fats are for the day. Typically I'll have about half a container of hummus with my carrots in the AM and then maybe a little cheese sprinkled over my dinner depending what it is. This is definitely a category I struggle in because I LOVE CHEESE and it is hard for me to limit myself. I will say that I have noticed a huge difference in my cheese cravings going down since I have started though!

except Autumn Calabrese..

Orange: Seeds and Dressings
-Toasted pumpkin seeds
-21 day fix approved dressings

I am not a huge dressing person or salad person so I often skip this (I know that's bad, she puts these on there for a reason).

So those are just a few things that I pick up when I am on this meal plan. If you have the program, you know there is a ton more to choose from, but I am a picky eater. I wanted to throw this out there because I know getting started can be overwhelming and it's nice to have an example of what you are looking for! If this program sounds like something you would be interested in, fill out the application below for more information on my next 21 Day Fix challenge!

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