Monday, April 7, 2014

Why you need to be doing t25

Speaking from personal experience, t25 is one of the most amazing at home workout programs I have ever done. I know what you're thinking, I just love home workout programs because I am a Beachbody coach..but guess what...I WASN'T A COACH WHEN I STARTED t25! I saw infomercials and different advertisements for t25 and had a great experience with Shaun T during Insanity but I just didn't have the time for the workouts. I was also still rehabilitating from a broken elbow and couldn't quite do the high impact moves of Insanity..insert t25 into my life. I originally just purchased t25 as a program and then stumbled across my coach, Melanie. She made me realize the importance of nutrition with this program so I returned the program and invested in the challenge pack (it was 180, I had to put it on a credit card, signed up to be a coach to get Shakeology decision of my life). So why do I think t25 is great for EVERYONE and ANYONE?!

1. It's only 25 minutes: This program is designed to make sure that you hit those target areas, get that heart rate up, and get it done in 25 minutes. Sure you could go to the gym for 25 minutes or you could do some exercises out of a magazine, but this program is designed to get REAL results in 25 minutes...

2. It's got the modifications: So often I hear, I can't do a Shaun T workout..I'm not in shape. DOESN'T MATTER FOR T25! This program is literally for any fitness level. I had a bum elbow, was at my heaviest weight, and I was still able to do the program 25 minutes a day..was it easy? hell no, but I got stronger and it became less intimidating..and then I liked it.

3. You want to get healthy, reach, goals, but you're a busy mom/dad/career person..great it's only 25 minutes and if you want it bad enough, you can find 25 minutes a day to get it done

4. The proof is in the pudding: You need this because IT WORKS. It takes out the guess work of what to do. It allows you to get the results at home..without a trainer..without a gym membership..and without judgment of people around you!

5. The challenge pack is on sale this month and will give you a spot in my upcoming accountability group! How is that for more bang for your buck?!

Contact me,, to reserve your spot or learn more information about this super program! As someone who has completed this program, believe me when I say this is a great investment..oh and you don't need a lot of space either:)

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