Sunday, April 13, 2014

Summer Slim Down 2014: T25 and Brazil Butt Lift

I can't believe that Summer is only 60 days away! That means warm weather and sunshine are coming up on us..that also means that shorts, swim suits, and skirts are also coming up! I remember last summer when I was at my heaviest weight I was, d-e-p-r-e-s-s-e-d that I had to finally buy some big girl clothes for Summer. I also had to buy a one piece (which I wore like twice because I was mortified that I had to wear a one piece and how big I looked in it). I knew I wasn't healthy and I wasn't where I wanted to be. This summer, things are CHANGING for the better, all I know is that I wish I would have found my first challenge group before summer, not after summer! Nonetheless, I am ready to rock some shorts and get in a two piece (almost, I am a work in progress too)!

Below are my before and after photos. If you have ever taken a before photo at your worst moment, nothing ignites the fire quite like that does. NO ONE enjoys taking the before photos, lol, but when it is all said and done you are so  happy that you did! It's proof that cleaning up your diet, adopting fitness habits, and watching your portions really do make all the difference. Through the use of t25, p90x3, and a little Chalean extreme, along with consistently drinking Shakeology and cleaning up my diet, I have almost reached my goal. But guess what? It wasn't that easy and without support of the groups I supported in and my friends and family, it would have been much harder and chances are I would've given up. Have you attempted weight loss but gave up? I know I have.
 I have literally tried everything in the book..let's see...low carb, no carb, Paleo, Jillian Michaels, Weight Watchers, Slim Fast..just to name a few! Nothing has worked and nothing has stuck. I even tried those green tea extract pills...also, did not work. Some of these things may work for other people but they just didn't give me the long term success that I wanted. Changing my lifestyle gave me the success I wanted..I didn't want this loss to be temporary so I adopted new habits and made some big took time but I got there.

Are you ready to make a change with me?!
I am embarking on a 60 day challenge starting May 5th. It's time for the 2014 Summer Slim Down and Booty Boot Camp! 

You're probably asking..why? Because it works! With this group you will have 1:1 coaching from ME..someone who has done this and has been successful. I know this works and I want to help you get healthy, happy, and get results! I am by no means a personal trainer or an expert, but I know what works for busy people. If you are ready to commit, I want to help you exceed your goals. I know life happens and so often we put our health and wellness on the back burner and say "at another time, I have so much going on right now"..but if not now, when will you make it a priority? 

Too often people become sick or injured before they realize that it's time to get in shape and get healthy..this is what I want to help you do. I know that this is one of the hardest things to change in life and it's just not possible without support. My job and goal as your coach is to help you make a LIFESTYLE CHANGE not make this a crash diet.

This is an official invitation to my 2014 Summer Slim Down and Booty Boot Camp. Take a leap of faith with me and believe that we can make a change, together. Click the link below and fill out the form and I will contact you via email with more information! Feel free to email me,, with any questions you may have. I am really looking forward to summer 2014 and I want you to be as well!

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