Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Shakeology: The Misunderstood Powerfood

Quite often when I tell people that I require Shakeology as part of my challenge groups, they say "no" or "I'm not interested in a protein shake", etc. I feel like since I have been promoting and using Shakeology for almost a year now, I need to set the record straight on some misconceptions that a lot of people have. 

1. Shakeology is JUST another protein shake: WRONG! Shakeology does have a higher level  of protein, BUT it is so much more. It contains all natural ingredients from mother Earth and has the exact carb to protein ratio as a meal. It contains 70 superfoods and is the equivalent to eating FIVE salads..sounds like more than protein to me!

2. Shakeology is expensive: WRONG! You know what is expensive? Consecutive meals out and medical bills. Shakeology appears to be a large amount of money because you pay for it all at once, but it averages out between $4 dollars a day. Studies have shown that people have lowered cholesterol and controlled many other ailments while drinking Shakeology, allowing them to free up medical expenses. While Shakeology IS NOT FOR THE USE TO TREAT OR CURE ANY MEDICAL PROBLEMS, it certainly doesn't hurt with all of those nutritious superfoods. Always, check with your doctor first if you have questions though.

3. Shakeology is a weight loss shake: WRONG. This is not your slim fast or your special K shake, this is a WHOLE FOOD shake. It is designed to keep you feeling fuller longer and helps curb your cravings. I can attest to that from personal experience. Those two factors can definitely help you lose weight, but this product is not intended to be a weight loss shake.

4. If I buy Shakeology and don't like it, I'm going to lose my money: WRONG! We are so confident in this product that it comes with a bottom of the bag guarantee. This means that if you finish the month and aren't happy, send back the bag and get your full refund. I have never had anyone want to send it back, so I doubt you will be needing that extra shipping label.

I am sure there are more questions which I would love to answer, simply email me You are able to get Shakeology through me by emailing me, I also have a way for you to cut costs, so contact me soon!

Personal Testimony: I have drank Shakeology almost everyday for 7 months! I am asthmatic, have horrible allergies, was overweight, and deal with blood sugar problems. Since Shakeology came into my life I have been sick ONCE (which I attribute to a job change where I started working with kids and let's be honest...they have lots of germs!). My asthma rarely becomes flared up and my allergies have been kept under control without the use of my antihistamine. Coincidence? I think not!!

And if my answers aren't satisfactory enough for you, see what medical doctors and professionals have to say by watching this short video below!

This information was researched by the blogger and is not the opinion or advice of a medical professional. All information is subject to opinion. It is always recommended that you get an opinion from a medical professional before beginning a new workout or diet plan.

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