Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Beachbody coaching is not perfection, it's progress

I recently made a Youtube video about why you DON'T have to be perfect to be a Beachbody health and fitness coach, but I want to stress this point all OVER the world wide web! When I started coaching, I was at my heaviest weight. I initially began for the discount..who wouldn't want 25% off of Shakeology every month? Then I started to notice what I am going to call, "the coach effect".

The coach effect to me is simple, it's inspiring others to be the very best they can be. Does this require YOU to be perfect? Hell no! In my opinion and I think you'll agree with me, perfection is not relatable. You do not see that person with their struggles because it appears as though they don't have them. What is relatable? What seems achievable? The person who is working EVERY day to bust their ass to get results. The person who has a cheat meal once in a while because they're human..and the person who is getting results. 

Being a coach has allowed me to not only change my life, but quite a few others as well. I receive messages from time to time from Facebook or Instagram followers telling me, "hey I stumbled across your blog today and it's what made me get up and workout" or "I saw your post and chose not to order the pizza". Does that mean I am perfect and have no faults? No, I am sharing my weight loss journey and inspiring others to do the same. Do these messages help hold me accountable? ABSO-FREAKING-LOUTELY! Why?! Because when I am on the verge of making a poor food choice or not pressing play for my workout, I remember that people are watching and I don't want to let them or my challengers down. I am doing this not only for myself, but for them.

Now, do you have to be a fitness expert to be a coach? No, I'm not. Do you have to be a nutritionist to be a coach? I am most definitely not. You have to be motivated and have the drive to want to be a better person. How many of you out there, right now, are thinking, "wow I would love to do that, but I know I wouldn't be good at it"? I am tell you that you are WRONG! I am writing this because I believe each and everyone of you has the power and the ability to change lives, starting with your own. I wouldn't want you to be perfect on my team, I would want you to have flaws. We all have flaws and we all learn from failures, that's how we grow as people.  

And what else? This company is AMAZING. It allows people (thousands..millions of them!) reach their goals not only physically, but financially! Coaches are retiring their spouses at 30 and 40 years old, they are paying off debt, buying cars in cash...how? By believing in themselves and believing in this opportunity. AND they are able to do this from the comfort of their own home, creating more time with family and more time to create memories. YOU are an amazing individual...YOU are capable of anything you put your mind to. What makes these TOP coaches different from YOU and ME? NOTHING!!! They all started where you're at and they all had a "why". They remembered their "why" and continued to grow and build. YOU can be the reason someone reaches their goals they never thought possible in their wildest dreams. How crazy cool is that?

So I ask you, if you have the heart and drive to change your life and a few others on the way, email me, tabearden@gmail.com and join my team. Believe that you can accomplish anything and you will! I am so excited to hear from each and everyone of you!

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