Monday, April 21, 2014

21 day fix reviews

21 day fix, in the bag. Well sort of, I am going to start this review off by confessing, I DID NOT FOLLOW THE MEAL PLAN EXACTLY AS STATED! Why? Well the reason is pretty simple, I really wanted to see just how much nutrition would impact this plan. We often hear that it is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise and while I believe that, I wanted to do a little experimenting to see if it was true. Most of you are probably thinking, that seems like a waste of time and money. Not for me, I was able to learn a lot about portion control and when to eat what type of foods. I learned that I do not solely rely on carbs, infact, if I plan my meals ahead of time without carbs (pasta, starches), I don't really even realize I haven't had any. What was my substitute when I had a hankering for mac and cheese one day? Mac n Cheese quinoa (insert gasp). WHO HAVE I BECOME?! These healthy habits are taking over and I am astonished with the way my brain has retrained the way I crave different food items.

Are these people me? No. But they are real people who followed the plan and got real results. I have real challengers who are getting real results. This is FOR REALZ and the workouts are NO JOKE. So here are the workouts I followed, there were not rest days, but active recovery days, which were nice. I did have to take one active recovery day completely off because my body had taken a hit at the Insanity class I had taught the night before!

Monday: Total Body Cardio
Tuesday: Upper Fix
Wednesday: Lower Fix
Thursday: Pilates Fix
Friday: Cardio Fix
Saturday: Dirty Thirty

My meal plan allowed me the following containers
4 red- protein
3 green- vegetables
2 yellow- carbs
2 purple- fruit
1 blue- healthy fats
1 orange- seeds/dressings

This may not sound like a lot, but these containers are deep! They definitely hold more food than I was expecting. The meal plans I put together were based on the allotted containers for my specific calorie range. Like I said I did not follow the meal plan exactly on purpose, but I could definitely tell a difference on the day I did follow them as opposed to the days I did not! And when I say I could tell, it was a HUGE difference!

 All in all, I would say the 21 day fix was a success for what I made of it. I could have definitely achieved much better results had I followed the nutrition plan to a T, but I am glad I took the opportunity to physically prove that nutrition is what matters most in any weight loss plan. I am looking for some spunky individuals to join my next 21 day fix challenge group which starts mid-May. Email me,, to reserve a spot and find out more information!

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