Sunday, March 23, 2014

P90X3 Week 12: Progress and Meal Plan

Yesterday was my last official day of block 3! I have 6 days left of a transition week and then my final results are in! I can't even begin to explain the changes I have made since starting this journey. My eating habits have gotten so much better. I've gotten stronger, leaner, and smaller. I still don't know the weight results yet as I haven't weighed myself, but I have a good feeling the scale has gone down a smidge! Here was the workout schedule for week 12 (lean):

Monday: MMX
Tuesday: Decelerator
Wednesday: Triometrics
Thursday:Pilates X
Friday: Decelerator
Saturday: CVX
Sunday: Rest

I also completed the St. Louis Fight for Air Climb on Saturday, needless to say, today is a little slow with the walking. It was a great cause and I raised $800.00 and can't say enough thank yous to the people who supported me and are helping me fight the fight against lung disease!

The meal plan for the week was pretty straight forward and looked like this:

Check back next Sunday for my final transformation, results, reviews, and the journey I am on to next!! Join me for your transformation, email me, the next challenge starts April 7th and I want you to be on that road to success!

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