Monday, March 10, 2014

P90X3 Week 10: Progress and Meal Plan


Well it didn't quite go like that, but it's over and I am one week closer to my goal. This week was hard for me, I'm not sure why but I struggled with my workouts. I think I am starting to get bored with the program. The workouts are becoming the same for the last block and I'm ready to switch it up. BUT I am still seeing results, I'll be sticking with this one the entire way through. Three weeks left...but who's counting?

Monday: MMX
Tuesday: Decelerator
Wednesday: Triometrics
Thursday: Pilates X
Friday: Decelerator
Saturday: CVX
Sunday: Rest

I pumped up the weight with about half the exercises on CVX this week and I definitely noticed the difference. I also have noticed that I am engaging my core more with my exercises automatically and not having to double check myself.

Push-ups? Piece of cake..well the first 8-10 are and then it's a challenge. Striving for progress, not perfection..right?!

Here is the meal plan I followed for week 10:

This week also marked the beginning of my Insanity instructor journey! I am going to be teaching Wednesday nights (except every 5th Wednesday) at 6:30 at Powerhouse Gym St. Louis on Watson Rd.  You don't have to be a member to come, it's a 10 dollar drop in fee!

I have to say I loved teaching the class! It was such an amazing experience and big shout out to my co worker and success partner who came to beef up the attendance for me!

Who else out there is finishing p90x3 with me in the next few weeks? Who has been reading this journey and is interested in starting their own? Either way find me on facebook, and send me a message! My next challenge group is starting soon and summer is just around the corner! Let's reach your goals, together!

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