Sunday, February 9, 2014

P90X3 Week 6: progress and meal plan

Week 6 is in the books! This week was definitely challenging, especially because I moved from the resistance bands to the pull up bar with assistance. Let me tell you, those pull ups are no picnic but I am so excited that I made my "slight edge" decision because I know the results are going to be amazing!

Here was my schedule for this past week:
Monday: Isometric
Tuesday: The Warrior
Wednesday: Yoga X
Thursday: MMX 
Friday: Incinerator and CVX (did both because of training on Saturday)
Saturday: Insanity instructor training
Sunday: Rest

I have noticed some huge changes this week. Pounds lost, inches lost, reps increased! It's all been happening and lucky for you I am reporting my half way results at the end of this coming week. Here is the meal plan that I used for the week. I didn't follow it 100%, but I can't beat myself up over something that's already done and over with, I just need to make sure this week is better and remember my WHY! Oh and Insanity instructor training was AWESOME!! I can't wait to start teaching in a few on my list..TURBO!

I am so excited to start this final week if Block 2 and to report my halfway results. I have already dropped a pant size and my current size is starting to feel a bit large, so I am more than pleased so far. If you're ready to start your transformation, email me,, and join one of my challenge groups. That's how I started mine and the accountability and motivation they provided are priceless. Have a great week!

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