Wednesday, February 26, 2014

P90X3 Week 8: Progress and Meal Plan

2 months in the book and 1 more to go! It feels so good to have come this far and stay committed to something for so long. The progress I've made has definitely made all of this worthwhile. This was a transition week so it wasn't super intense, but it still challenged me daily. Here is what my workout schedule looked like:

Monday: Isometrix
Tuesday: Dynamix
Wednesday: Accelerator
Thursday: Pilates X
Friday: CVX
Saturday: Yoga X
Sunday: Rest or Dynamix

Now Friday wasn't supposed to be CVX, but somewhere in my head I was convinced that was the workout and never double checked..found out I was wrong afterwards. It was still beneficial though, but I plan to stick to the schedule from this point forward. I am really noticing definition in my upper arms and my calves. I am also noticing my face is thinning out which is super exciting! I dropped a few more lbs thanks to my meal plan posted below. I have stuck with workout plans before, but I have never seen these kind of results and I am almost positive it is because of me cleaning up my eating habits and Shakeology

Meal plan for week 8:

Only 5 weeks left on my journey through P90X3. I have started using the 21 day fix meal plan which I have had to make some slight alterations to considering how much I workout, but this plan has taught me so much about portion control! I can't wait to do the entire program, workouts and all, after p90x3 is completed! Continue to follow me on my journey to see how it ends at the end of March!

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