Monday, February 17, 2014

P90X3 Week 7: Progress and Meal Plan

Half way done with p90x3 and I am SO over the MOON with my results. My weight has fluctuated but my transformation picture this far proves that skinny is not healthy, STRONG is healthy!

Here was my schedule for week 7:
Monday: Isometrix
Tuesday: The Warrior
Wednesday: Yoga X
Thursday: MMX
Friday: The Incinerator
Saturday: CVX

I really liked this block because this block is when I started to see the big changes in my physical appearance. But I am definitely ready for a new block starting next week! Here is the meal plan that I followed:
 I am in my second week using the pull up assist, but I am still struggling with the pull ups. I am happy that I am making myself do them though, because I know it will add up and make a huge difference at the end of the 90 days for my upper body and back strength. Also, I am doing push upS..I capitalize the S because I am doing multiple push-ups without modification!

 I know a lot of people dislike the yoga portion of this program because they don't think that it's intense enough and find it boring. This routine is so important for overall fitness and I really don't think I would have made half of the progress I have without Yoga X or DON'T SKIP THE STRETCH!!
This week is my transition week so I am doing week 1 of the 21 day fix meal plan with my X3 workouts. I am hoping to see maybe a little accelerated results, I have heard nothing but AWESOME results and reviews about the 21 day fix meal plan! 

I also couldn't have made this progress without the help and motivation of my accountability group and my Beachbody coach. If you're looking for a coach and are ready to make your transformation, email me at!! I am so ready to help you find your soul-mate workout and find optimal health along the way:)

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