Sunday, February 2, 2014

P90X3 Week 5: Progress and Meal Plan

Well, week 5 of p90x3 means a new block and this is very exciting because I was introduced to some new workouts! Here is my list of workouts for the past week!

Tuesday: The Warrior
Wednesday: Yoga X
Thursday: MMX
Friday: Incinerator
Saturday: CVX
Sunday: Rest

HOLY MOLY! My arms were so sore starting promptly after MMX. I was not expecting it at all, but I am totally fine with it because obviously pushing it harder than usual. And then came the incinerator. I pushed through the soreness, which was necessary because every exercise we did made me MORE sore. But like I said, this is a good thing so as much as I complained to myself about it, I focused and pushed hard for 30 minutes and got it done. I am so thankful that today is rest day.

I am definitely noticing changes in my waist, biceps/triceps, and shoulders. Here is a copy of the meal plan I followed and definitely noticed a few lbs drop off along the way!

I am really looking forward to week 6 since I have these routines down a little bit better. I also ordered a pull up assistance band, because I really want to make the most out of my workout and I think that using the actual bar instead of resistance bands is going to give me that. The resistance bands still give me a good workout, but I am really looking to push myself outside of my comfort zone from this point forward until the end of this program. 

Email me,, to get your p90x3 on with me! Today is the last day to get it at an exclusive price from me and to start in my February challenge group, tomorrow! Can't wait to hear from you all!

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