Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Chicken Veggie Stir Fry

This recipe was inspired and approved for the 21 day fix! I love me some chicken and this is a perfect way to get your protein and veggies in for one meal!

1 4 oz piece of boneless, skinless chicken breast, cut into cubes
1/4 cup of chopped asparagus
1/4 cup of chopped carrots
1/4 cup of chopped red peppers
Braggs Liquid Aminos to taste
Greek Seasoning to taste

1. Cook chicken until thoroughly white, no pink should be showing
2. Set aside chicken and keep warm, add all vegetables to pan
3. Let vegetables cook for 5-7 minutes or until soft
4. Add back in chicken, Braggs, and Greek seasoning and let simmer, covered for 5-7 minutes
5. Enjoy!

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