Thursday, January 2, 2014

P90X3: Week 1

Week 1 of P90X3 is complete! And whoa, did it kick my booty. I am beyond excited to have a new workout program and that the workouts are ONLY 30 minutes a day! So now here I am one week into it and I can't wait to share it with you!!

There are 4 options when doing P90X3.  You can do the classic, Mass, lean or Doubles.  

I chose to follow the Lean schedule. Lean is for those who prefer a more toned look.  It's not necessarily better for weight loss.  Both lean and classic can work equally well.  But instead of muscular hypertrophy you'll target functionality, mobility, and cardiovascular fitness.  You will still gain some muscle  you'll still lose fat, and you'll still get strong, you'll just stay lean.

Mass is for those looking for bulk over getting ripped. 

Doubles is another niche rotation.  It's not appropriate for everyone and it's recommended you do 90 days of P90X3 before doing this. 

So, I chose Lean because I still have weight I want to lose. I plan to do a second rotation after the first 90 days to help get me more toned. I'm super short so even a couple extra pounds is super obvious, I want to make sure I am at my goal weight and measurements before I start to get super toned! 

My first week of workouts looked like this:
Day 1: The Accelerator: 
Day 2: The Warrior: Total body workout without equipment!
Day 3: Yoga X: 30 minutes of yoga, loved it and was totally ready for it!
Day 4: CVX: Cardiovascular workout with WEIGHTS and this one might be my favorite!
Day 5: Isometrix: Focuses on isomeric contraction with instability to make your core rock solid! It was no joke, I definitely need work in this area
Day 6: Agility X: A full body workout that required floor targets to dictate movement. This workout focused on precision, power, flexibility, balance, and strength. And it was NOT easy, but I loved how I felt afterwards! 
Day 7: Rest: Much needed!!

I am definitely feeling sore after this week's set of workouts! I am excited to see what next week has in store for me! But as you know, diet and nutrition is 80% of the results we see. So meal planning is CRITICAL as is Shakeology and clean eating!
So this is just the beginning of my 12 week journey!  I plan to update you, share my progress, my struggles and everything P90X3!!  So subscribe to my blog and follow me on my adventure!

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Peace Out,

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