Thursday, January 9, 2014

Healthy Snack Planning

Since I eat 5-6 meals a day, healthy snacks are a huge factor in my success. I know it's easy to just grab a pastry out of the break room or a bag of chips out of the vending machine, but there is nothing healthy about that and it definitely is not going to help you reach your goals. The best way to plan a snack if pairing a complex carbohydrates (fruits and vegetables) with proteins (nuts, hard boiled eggs, hummus, etc.). Eating small, healthy meals throughout the day allows us to keep our metabolism boosted and decreases the change of our blood sugar crashing.

I am a creature of habit and generally stick to the same snack plans, here are some of my favorites:

1. Carrots and hummus
2. Hard boiled eggs with 6 whole wheat and flax seed crackers
3. 6 grape tomatoes and a single serving of cottage cheese
4. Almonds and a piece of fruit (many people do apples, but I don't do apples personally)
5. Celery and almond butter
6.15-20 grapes and 1 low fat string cheese
7. 2 cupped handfuls of strawberries and a cupped handful of cashews

These are just a few to get started, but you really have to think about what you would enjoy. If you aren't going to enjoy eating it, you're going to not eat it and find the nearest drive thru and nobody wants that. The biggest way to plan for success is to plan meals and snacks BEFORE the grocery store and to make a list with exactly what you need and how much you need of each item.

Another fantastic option for a snack is Shakeology! It is so portable, throw it in with some water and shake that treat up and then enjoy!

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