Sunday, December 1, 2013

New Years Resolution: P90x3

Who here has been a P90x drop out? I know I have been and those videos are waaaaay too long for my attention span. What I LOVE about t25 is that you get AWESOME results in a 25 minute workout. Well the GREAT news is that Beachbody has put together p90X3, which is all p90x workouts but only 30 minutes! And who doesn't have time to fit 30 minutes in to workout, it's only 2% of your day! The picture below are REAL RESULTS FROM THIS PROGRAM! Who wouldn't want results like this?!

I will be purchasing this program first thing on December 10th and I want you to have the first opportunity to do so too! Go to and make a free team beachbody account so that you are ready to go on December 10th! I will also be starting this program in the new year for my January 6th, 90 day challenge group! So sign up, order your copy, and join my challenge group! Email me to reserve your spot, It's never too soon to start planning your New Years Resolution!

I am also starting the 21 day ultimate reset tomorrow, so wish me luck! Have any of you done this before? I am super nervous but excited at the same time! 

Peace Out,

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