Saturday, November 9, 2013

Sugar: Friend or faux?

I've been seeing a lot of information and articles recently on sugar and why it's bad for you. Most of the information makes sense to me so I have decided to cut WAAAAAY back on my sugar intake and so should you!
So basically we all know that sugar is bad for us. There's only one way to spin it, U-N-H-E-A-L-T-H-Y. But it tastes so goood, right??? Well here are a few reasons I found that convinced me to cut back

Reasons to decrease sugar intake:
1. It's toxic--daily sugar consumption can cause diabetes, obesity, decrease in focus/attention, mid-afternoon energy crash, liver damage, and heart failure just to name a few...

2. It eats away at your tooth enamel and causes cavities--the long and the short of it is, no one likes funky teeth

3. Causes bloating, digestion issues, and weight gain--I think that speaks for itself

4.  Sugar causes premature aging--And we all want to look as young as possible after we turn 21

5. It causes problems with sleep, mood, and stamina

Here are some names that sugar can be disguised as..because no matter where it came from, sugar is sugar:

1. sucrose
2. fructose
3. glucose
4. high fructose corn syrup
5. galactose
6. lactose
7. mactose
8. corn syrup
9. granulated sugar

Just to name a few..there are literally HUNDREDS of different names for sugar so make sure to be reading those labels on the packages of your favorite foods.

How to successfully kick the habit (remember I am by NO means a medical professional, these are just suggestions. If you have any questions, I would definitely consult with your doctor):

1.  Cold turkey--probably not the best way to do it, especially if your current diet is really high in sugary foods and drinks
2. Most people eat the same type of meals daily, replace the sugar filled foods with foods high in protein. Make the new food something you like too, don't just pick it because it's healthy
3. Stay away from the break room--We all know that the break room at the office can typically contain a baked good or a pastry dish of some sort. In my experience, just completely avoid it. This will make decreasing your sugar intake SO much easier. It's hard to say no when it's looking you right in the face.
4. Be realistic and set goals
5. Have a friend or spouse join you (make sure to educate them on WHY we're doing it

Substitutes: Pure, organic honey or pure, organic agave.. I am yet to try either one of these so I will keep you posted when I do!

Join me on the journey to cut back (and eventually eliminate) sugar from our diets. If you our looking for motivation or a support system to do this, think about joining my free clean eating and Shakeology challenge group. It will be 21 days long and starts December 21st. Email me,, for more information!

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