Monday, November 4, 2013

No excuses

So today is the first day of my blog. I have decided to use this blog post as a chance for you all to get to know me a little bit better. My name is Tracie and I am a 20-something that lives in St. Louis. About 2 months ago I hit an all time low, my heaviest weight ever. In the preceeding months, I had been dealing with a broken arm, a break up, and a sick parent. 2 months ago I decided to reclaim my freedom and health and began working with my team Beachbody coach Melanie to begin the journey for a healthy and fit lifestyle. This included working out, eating clean, and maintaining a positive attitude about life. So far, I am loving this lifestyle. Using my Beachbody DVDs of t25 and Chalean xtreme, I have lost 6 lbs and about 6 inches total. I also stick to my usual yoga practice which has helped me gain balance in my life again. With all of these positive changes happening thanks to Beachbody, I have become a coach and want to help others (LIKE YOU!) like Melanie has helped and continues to help me. I plan to use this blog to document the trials and tribulations of this new lifestyle change as well as the positive impacts it has on me and those around me. I also plan to document different recipes, challenges, and meal plans. I look forward to sharing my journey with each and everyone of you. If you are ready to make a change and are looking for FREE coaching and motivation, email me and let's make this journey together.

Peace Out,


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