Friday, November 8, 2013

Fitness Motivation for the Weekend!!! (and flex Friday, of course!)

Hi all!!! Happy Friday (and 3 day weekend to some of you lucky peeps out there!). Now that it's the weekend, most people's days will be filled with activities, parties, sporting events, and vegging out. The weekend is the EASIEST time to slip up on maintaining your healthy lifestyle, so I have compiled a list of ways to stay on track this weekend (and every weekend from here on out!)

1. Plan your meals and workouts--this is key! Most people wander off from eating healthy and working out because they don't have a plan! If you have a set plan in mind, you aren't able to have the excuse of "I don't know" AND you have something to hold yourself accountable.

2. Take an hour each day this weekend to focus on YOU! That's right, I said it. Put those plans on pause and tell your families you're off the grid for 60 minutes because you need time for yourself to maintain sanity!

3. Limit your drinks.--I know we all like to go out on the weekends and have a good time, but those empty calories add up! Make sure you're keeping track of what you're putting down!

4. Make it a family activity- Disconnect your entire family from the wonderful world of technology and plan a non-sedentary activity! Exercise is always more fun with the people you love and without distractions.

5. Make it fun!--Make a healthy lifestlye fun and something you look forward to. Plan to try a new recipe or a new activity to broaden your interests. Also, trying something you AND  friend have never done before makes it fun for both of you and allows you to have a new, shared experience!

Now who got their workout in today??? I am currently doing a t25/Chalean Xtreme hybrid and it is FABULOUS! I literally love that I am finally getting muscle definition (not much yet, but we're well on our way!) Check out my flex Friday picture below, I know..don't be too scared!

Best of luck to everyone this weekend! Just remember your "why I'm doing this" and it'll make your "how do I do this" so much easier to answer:)

Peace out,

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