Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving

It's that time of year, the holidays are just around the corner. It can be overwhelming to think of an entire plan for the next month, that's why you should contact me about my clean eating and Shakeology group that starts December 2nd to help you stay on track during this season!

BUT, before the group starts, we have to get through Thanksgiving! Eating clean and being healthy doesn't mean you have to skip the good stuff at dinner, it just means you have to plan ahead and be smart about it. Here are some tips that I plan to use next week for the big holiday:

1. Plan a post meal walk--not always an option in all areas depending on the weather, but walk around the block once or twice after the meal.
2. Remember to set your fork down in between bites! Let your body process how hungry it really is!
3. Portions, portions, portions! Use a smaller plate this year, gives you less space for food:)
4. Drink a big glass of water before your meal.
5. Plan a good, sweaty workout for the next morning.
6. Bring a healthy dish! You can atleast have control over one part of your meal! And you're giving healthy options to everyone else!
7. Don't obsess! Enjoy your holiday, just be mindful of your choices!

Peace Out,

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